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    URGENT: The Obama Administration has launched an all-out attack on our 2nd Amendment

    Emergency Patriot Support Needed

    URGENT: The Obama Administration has launched an all-out attack on our guns. From Biden's task force, Obama's executive actions, to Feinstein's Semi-Auto Gun Ban it is imperative we collect as many resources as possible to brace for this fight that could last well into this year. WE NEED YOUR HELP NOW!

    Once again, during the State of the Union Address, Obama hammered the fact that the nation needs more gun control laws. He was naming off victims of gun violence shouting that they, "deserve a vote!"

    Obama talked about Hadiya Pendleton, a Chicago Honor student who attended his inauguration then was killed just a mile from his house in Chicago. Shot to death by a couple of young Chicago gangsters who thought she was someone else. One of them was already on probation for unlawful use of a firearm. Chicago has some of the toughest gun laws in the Country. Yet a gang member gets arrested for unlawful use of a firearm, gets two years' probation and does not spend a day in jail, free to roam the streets.

    Police Superintendent Gary McCarthy had this to say about the situation:

    "This has to stop. Gun offenders have to do significant jail time. Criminals have to be held accountable. And there has to be a certainty of punishment when we arrest somebody with an illegal firearm."
    Obama and the anti-gunners throughout his Administration love to exploit tragedies to get their anti-gun agenda across. None of the laws they are proposing would stop the recent tragedies such as the unfortunate loss of Hadiya Pendleton and the President knows it. These killers did not obtain their firearms legally. Owning and operating a firearm is a RIGHT which means that right can be taken away when it is abused. These criminals cannot be released back on to the streets with a slap on the wrist.

    There has been such an incredible union of Second Amendment Patriots since Obama was elected President. Not only through purchasing firearms but by standing together and standing up for our right to keep and bear arms. Since Obama took office there have been over 65 million firearms purchased in the United States, mostly due to the fear of Obama's anti-gun agenda.

    We must continue to work together and attack this anti-gun agenda head on. I HAVE NEVER SEEN THE ANTI-GUNNERS MORE RABIBLY DETERMINED TO DESTROY THE SECOND AMENDMENT. We hardly have time to write this email. So busy making calls writing letters and sending emails to find funding as we battle this unbelievable assault on the Second Amendment.
    SAF is facing severe financial cash shortage and will not be able to continue to respond to anti-gunners without your immediate help.

    We must continue to pay thousands of dollars' worth of bills to maintain free grassroots meetings, trainings and seminars.

    With the Obama Administration's signing of these 23 Executive Actions against guns we are going to need to raise money in order to prepare for this battle.

    Our Second Amendment has not been threatened in this way since it was created by our fore fathers. Our right to privacy has been compromised. It seems they are scheming to create a universal national gun registry through the medical field.

    There is even an executive action that has no parameters set for the public to see as to which direction they may take it. They could highlight certain types of medicine, certain types of counseling, and even disorders you may have and tell you that you are no longer allowed to own a gun. Some Democratic Senators have even suggested if someone in your home has a mental illness YOU should not be allowed to own a gun.

    We Must raise funds to pay attorneys hired for important gun rights lawsuits in Illinois, California and against Eric Holder to name a few. See our current litigation index below:

    Case Name
    Plastino v. Koster
    Challenge to Missouri ban on CCW by legal resident aliens.
    Teixeira v. County of Alameda
    Challenge to Alameda County gun shop permit requirements.
    Churchill v. Harris
    Challenge to CA policy of refusing to return firearms.
    Jackson v. King
    Challenge to NM law barring CCW permits for legal resident aliens.
    Winbigler v. WCHA
    Challenge to WCHA's ban on personally-owned firearms by residents based on 2nd Amendment
    Ezell v. Chicago
    Challenge to Chicago's gun range prohibition based on 1st and 2nd Amendment
    Peruta v. San Diego
    SAF and CalGuns have filed an amicus curiae brief inPeruta v. San Diego County
    Richards v. Harris
    Challenge to California "assault weapon" arrest
    Moore v. Madigan
    Challenge to Illinois ban on carrying guns For self-defense
    Lane v. Holder
    Challenge to ban on interstate handgun sales
    Fletcher v. Haas
    Challenge to Massachusetts gun ban for legal alien residents
    Kwong v. Bloomberg
    Challenge to New York City's excessive gun permit fees
    Piszczatoski v. Maenza
    (formerly Muller v. Maenza)
    Challenge to New Jersey Officials permit denials
    Schrader v. Holder
    Challenge to misdemeanor gun rights denial
    Nordyke v. King
    Amicus brief filed in Nordyke case; argues for strict scrutiny
    Woolard v. Sheridan
    Maryland handgun permit denial
    Kachalsky v. Cacace
    Challenge to New York's "good cause" carry permit requirement
    Bateman v. Purdue
    SAF Sues to Overturn North Carolina's 'Emergency Powers' Gun Bans
    Palmer v. DC
    SAF Sues District of Columbia over Carrying of Handguns
    Richards v. Prieto(formerly Sykes v. McGinness)
    SAF Challenges Arbitrary Denial of Right to Bear Arms in California
    Pena v. Cid
    SAF Challenges California Handgun Ban Scheme
    Hodgkins v. Holder
    SAF Sues Eric Holder Over Gun Rights of Non-resident American Citizens
    Hanson v. DC
    DC Handgun Roster Lawsuit: SAF Challenges D.C. Handgun Ban Scheme

    Financial needs could not have come at a worse time. We must not run out of funds during the middle of this fight. There is no way we could have budgeted for all this.

    If we don't get funding ASAP I don't know how long we can hold on. Will you please help me?

    Anti-Gun groups have deep pockets and big donors contributing. We rely on the backbone of America which is great patriots like you.

    Even worse...Sarah Brady Group and the Gun Ban Coalition are using the Connecticut shooting to push for new national anti-gun laws.
    The liberal anti-gun media wants blood, and it's ours.

    Gun grabbers think that past gun control efforts have worn us down and hope you and I will quit fight to protect individual rights.

    I am counting on you. I know times are tough for everyone but if you could please make a special emergency gift to SAF of $100 or $50.

    Please contribute your emergency gift immediately. Tomorrow is too late. I know I can count on you.

    Times are tough but as things get tougher it's critical we have gun rights.

    To continue educational and legal action projects we rely on people like you who care. Unlike gun grabbers we don't have deep pockets or big shot donors but we will never back down from them. Not with our Second Amendment in jeopardy.

    Sincerely yours,

    Alan M. Gottlieb
    Second Amendment Foundation

    To send a check, please mail to:
    Second Amendment Foundation (SAF)
    James Madison Building
    Dept Code
    12500 NE 10th Place
    Bellevue, WA 98005

    The Second Amendment Foundation ( is the nation's oldest and largest tax-exempt education, research, publishing and legal action group focusing on the Constitutional right and heritage to privately own and possess firearms. Founded in 1974, The Foundation has grown to more than 650,000 members and supporters and conducts many programs designed to better inform the public about the consequences of gun control.

    Paid for by Second Amendment Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Contributions are tax deductible. Copyright © 2013 Second Amendment Foundation, All Rights Reserved.
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    South West Florida (Behind friendly lines but still in Occupied Territory)
    Any questions as to why he was put back into office? Duly elected did not happen this past election, not with all the reported instances of voter fraud

    Join our efforts to Secure America's Borders and End Illegal Immigration by Joining ALIPAC's E-Mail Alerts network (CLICK HERE)

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