USAF Senior Airman Lance Castle ABUSED in prison, court-martialed for refusing COVID “vaccine”

04/16/2024 // Ethan Huff // 1K Views

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Video footage recently leaked shows that United States Air Force (USAF) Senior Airman Lance Castle was abused in prison and subjected to persecution for refusing "vaccination" for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19).The footage, available at this link, shows Castle being forcibly extracted from his cell in abusive fashion after he took the late First Lady Nancy Reagan's advice and just said no to dangerous bioweapon drugs from the government and Big Pharma.
Normally we would embed videos like this for you to watch right here in the article, but it appears as though X, now owned privately by Elon Musk, removed Mark Charles Bashaw's (@MCBashaw) account in an apparent censorship operation.
We know from Bashaw's now-censored post that Castle was dubbed an "insider threat" for his refusal to take the injection(s). Castle was subjected to 60 days of pre-trial confinement for his "crime," which caused him to miss the birth of his first child.
Castle was then court martialed where he stood trial on an astounding five UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice) charges. In the end, Castle was acquitted after being found not guilty of any of the charges because there was no evidence that he had committed any type of crime.
(Related: Back in December, a study was published showing that COVID jabs have killed at least 17 million people.)
Why would anyone join today's U.S. military?

Before the post was deleted, right around the time of the second Great American Eclipse, those who watched it noted that how Castle was treated by the Air Force was common all throughout the "pandemic" towards everyone in the military who refused the chemical bioweapon known as "COVID vaccines."
"Now that you see this, you might understand why people refuse to stay in or even join the force," one commenter wrote after watching the video clip.
Another person who says he served in the Army for 10 years wrote that he will not be letting any of his children serve after him because "this is not the military I used to know."
A Retired First Sergeant who served under President Biden and Secretary Austin concurred, adding that the U.S. military "isn't worth serving in."
"The only thing that would get me to serve again is if the nation was military invaded," this person added. "But we all know that there's an ongoing illegal alien invasion and that it is an invasion. Something like that would get me to serve. I would serve the nation, but not the likes of Joe or Austin."
"And it wouldn't be to process them into the country, but to send them back to their own countries and seal the border."
Someone else after watching the video of Castle being persecuted in prison by the U.S. military added to the conversation that everyone who believes the U.S. military would never turn on American citizens should watch the video themselves before coming to such a conclusion.
"They are just 'following orders' against one of their own," this person added. "What do you think they would do to you?"
Still another commented that those seen in the video persecuting Castle are traitors both to their country and to the Constitution to which they swore an oath.
"The revolution will not be fun for many," he continued."
"They filtered out all the good guys from the military," wrote another. "Now you have politicians saying we should hire illegals and give them weapons and training in return for citizenship. Not too difficult to figure out what they want."
Tens of millions of people continue to suffer debilitating health problems due to having been jabbed for COVID. Find out more at
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USAF Senior Airman Lance Castle ABUSED in prison, court-martialed for refusing COVID “vaccine” –