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    Utah Government Rushes Through Anti-Transparency Law

    Saturday, March 12, 2011

    Utah politicians have turned their state into the most secretive in the nation, according to critics of a new law that severely restricts public access to government records.

    In a space of only one week, the state legislature and Governor Gary Herbert teamed up to quickly adopt HB 477, which will make it more difficult for citizens to review a variety of legislative and agency documents. The law allows the legislature to opt out of transparency requirements entirely, exempts police follow-up reports from disclosure and exempts the state auditor from open records rules.

    Lawmakers will be able shield their voicemail, text and instant messages, and possibly even their emails, from the public.

    “With one scribble of a pen, the governor made his state the most secretive in the nation, as well as more backward than most countries, including Mexico and Albania,â€
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    I am fairly certain that the Mormon Church is behind this. They can't let the citizens know that they are the government running the show. Most non-Mormons, and even some Mormons, know that the church is the Rome of the state.

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