This is what we get when millionaire zealots buy positions of power, or in this case, their wives buy them positions of power. JMO

VIDEO: John Kerry Tells Starving Africans Not to Farm Because it Contributes to Global Warming

August 7, 2014 By Greg Campbell

This week, leaders from Africa and the U.S. convened in Washington, D.C., to discuss a wide range of issues affecting the nations of Africa. The U.S.-Africa Summit produced a dialogue amongst leaders and with the help of Secretary of State John Kerry, the world got a glimpse into the out-of-touch nature of the leftwing zealots that comprise the Obama Administration.

During the “Resilience and Food Security in a Changing Climate” panel, Kerry noted that Africa faces a starvation problem. With thousands going to bed hungry each night, it’s undeniable that one of Africa’s largest problems is starvation.

Kerry claimed that “8,000 children die every day” and that one in four children face chronic hunger. However, just minutes later, Kerry rang the alarm bell over the left’s favorite fictitious problem: climate change- the term liberals use to describe any weather variance no matter how minute.

Kerry reminded the crowd that despite the starving children in Africa, they ought to refrain from creating new farms because it contributes to “climate change.”
“Certain agricultural processes can actually release carbon pollution and actually contribute to the problem in the first place. It’s a twisted circle. Always complicated. But we also know that there are ways to change that.

For example, rather than convert natural areas to new farmland, a process that typically releases significant amounts of carbon pollution, we can, instead, concentrate our efforts on making existing farmlands more productive.”
Sorry, African children, you’re going hungry tonight because first-world yacht-enthusiasts like John Kerry need to feel warm and fuzzy about advancing global warming hysteria.

This kind of idiocy is precisely what is wrong with liberals. It is a kind of emotional zealotry that conquers all semblance of rational thought and produces a relentless dogma within the minds of leftists. The left feels that climate change exists and to them, this feeling is more important than addressing serious, real-world problems like starvation.

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