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    Vote as if your life depends upon it, because it does!

    Vote as if your life depends upon it, because it does!

    Fumes vs. Fuel; Vote as if your life depends upon it!

    By A.J. Cameron
    Sunday, October 31, 2010

    A political D-Day is fast approaching for our country, and the TEA Party will be establishing beachheads of common sense government to reclaim lost freedoms against the entrenched defenses of the Bilderberg media and Progressives, both Democrat and Republican!

    President Obama appears infatuated with his equating of our moribund economy with him and his Progressive posse reviving it, to getting a car out of a ditch. When are those who are pushing the car with President Obama at the wheel going to tire of all of the mud and fumes he’s spinning into your faces, as he puts one foot lightly on the accelerator and stomps on the brake pedal with his other foot? We will never get out of the ditch without gunning the engine of private enterprise, and taking the foot off of the brakes of taxes, mandates and over-regulation!

    This weekend, we were ‘treated’ to another, in a long line of ‘tricks’, when someone was to have been thrown under the Obama bus. Rep. Kendrick Meek (D-FL) was asked to ‘take one for the ‘Gripper,’’ as President Obama attempts to maintain a controlling grip of the Senate, choosing a former Republican, gone rogue, over a Democrat, for a seat currently held by a Democrat. It makes the College Football BCS Championship process look simple! Of course, as with Stealth-Care and Cap-&-Tax, President Obama delegated the responsibility of this duty, so that he can escape any blame or responsibility when Tuesday turns into a second Halloween Day in three days for the ‘Demoncrats.’ Boo!

    It boggles the mind to think that so many people place party over principles, ethics and morals, especially when a party continually dumps on those they profess to represent. The TEA Party is the revolutionary response to the lies and deception within the Republican Party. Hopefully, this freshman class of TEA Party Senators and Representatives will remain true to their principles and the people who elected them to be servant/leaders. When is there going to be a comparable uprising within the Democratic Party? Who has the courage to stand for truth and morals within the Democratic Party?

    When considering the devastation that has been wrought upon so many by Democrats in office at the city, state and Federal levels, doesn’t one have to wonder when the insanity of re-electing the people who keep us down, or tear us down, will cease?

    Is it due to the poor schools in the areas where the Democrats have a stranglehold on offices? Michelle Rhee attempted to rescue the ‘children’ in the D. C. public school system, but ran into a buzz-saw of opposition for attempting to do what needs to be done for our younger generation to have a genuine opportunity in our ‘current’ society. At the controls of that buzz-saw was the NEA, resisting what needs to be done for the children, in favor of protecting its system. Until parents and students realize that the NEA and ineffective teachers are the enemy (I guess I can say that, now that President Obama has targeted those opposing his outlandish policies as ‘enemies’), they will condemn their children and themselves to more of the ruinous same! By any definition, isn’t that insanity!

    Look at the cities and states hemorrhaging huge sums of money and jobs. See if a Democrat doesn’t head them, or have councils or legislatures controlled by Democrats? These cities and states will be lining up at the Obama bailout trough, stealing even more of our tax dollars for their failed policies!

    Looking at the lifestyles and personal possessions and holdings so many in Congress have accumulated AFTER coming into office, shouldn’t there be an accounting for how our tax dollars are used? Shouldn’t we be privy to all of the sweetheart loans and other perks that those in Congress receive? Shouldn’t there be a website where taxpayers can visit to see how OUR money is being used at all levels of government? How many people equate the term ‘Federally funded’ with the expenditure of their tax dollars? Who in the media will be the first to use the term ‘Taxpayers money is being spent for …’ on a consistent basis, alerting even the most apathetic taxpayer as to how they are being abused?

    With the purposeful exclusion of some in our military from voting, we need to stand up for those in uniform overseas, just as they are standing up for us. How can this be tolerated in a Democratic Republic? Doesn’t this put everything in perspective? If you have a relative or friend serving us overseas, how can you even think of voting Democratic?

    11/02/2010 can be a day of infamy. If you are weary of only getting fumes when you have been promised fuel, in the way of common sense legislation and enforcement of our laws, Tuesday, November 2nd, is your chance to cast your verdict on this Congress. Vote as if your life depends upon it, because it does!
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    Very nice article and so true. Make your vote count on Tuesday, fellow Americans, because there's not been a time in US history when voting right mattered more than it does now.
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    Save America, Deport Congress! - Judy

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