VOTER FRAUD PREVENTION: Why arenít there watermarks, security threads and serial numbers on voting ballots, just like on cash money?

03/05/2024 // S.D. Wells // 2.5K Views

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Did you know that ballot paper is blank paper in rolls or sheets that contains nothing to protect it from counterfeit or fraud, not even a certain tint, watermark, or serial number? Could you imagine if money was printed that way? Everyone and their brother would be in their garages printing money by the thousands. But what about "secret ballot" rights? Having security features on ballots does not mean a person's name needs to be revealed to the security teams that would verify authenticity. Currently, only the return-mail envelopes of mail-in ballots have a basic barcode, so basically anything could be in the envelope, even a fake ballot from China that already has a Biden vote, for instance.
Ballot signature verification is a joke, as we saw during 2020 in the most fraudulent election in U.S. history

Anyone can fake a signature for someone else, especially when signatures can be a single swoop stroke of a pen, or a scribble that looks like a medical doctor signing off on a prescription drug note pad. The Democrats call this a security feature that "ensures a legitimately issued ballot is returned." This is used when a voter "loses their mail ballot" and needs a new one reissued. So how exactly does this help identify counterfeit ballots? What if money was only verified at the bank by the person signing the piece of green paper that says $100, and the teller compares that signature to one on file? "You're good to go ma'am, sir!"
The best way to detect if money is counterfeit is to rely on the watermark and security threads, plus the unique paper it is printed on. Threads are inscribed with the denomination of each note, visible only when held to light. Each denomination has a unique thread position and glows a different color when held up to ultraviolet light. Also, thread is imprinted with letters and numbers in alternating patterns that are visible from both sides of the note, making it next to impossible to counterfeit. There's nothing like this on voting ballots because of Ö privacy.
There is no color-shifting ink on voting ballots, only on money. There are no watermarks on voting ballots, only on money. There is no security thread on voting ballots, only on money. There are no serial numbers on voting ballots, only on money. There is no special texture to voting ballots, only with money. This is why it's so easy for illegal immigrants to vote. This is why it's so easy for dead people to vote. This is why it was so easy for communist China to create tens of millions of fake ballots, pre-printed with Biden's name voted on them, and mailed in or dropped in drop boxes by Soros-paid smurfs in every swing state. This is why there is so much double and triple voting going on. This is why nobody can self-track their own votes in America.
Still, the Democrats say it's "racist" to make people get a voting ID. But in actuality, it's racist to say people CAN'T get a legitimate voting ID. Are inner-city folks so poor, helpless and dumb that they can't get a cab or ride their bike to the motor vehicles hub and get their picture taken for a simple, legitimate identification card and then register properly to vote? That sounds quite racist, wouldn't you agree?
It's time to fix the most fraudulent voting system in the world, and fix it properly, for good. One might think America is some third world country right now, where voting rights are a big joke, and anyone can make fake ballots in their garage, with a few paper rolls and some bar codes from some pop-tarts boxes. After all, nobody is verifying signatures, except the Soros-paid Democrats who push out all the Republican security people claiming "pandemic safety protocols" at 2am the night after Trump destroys their candidate at the legitimate in-person polls.
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VOTER FRAUD PREVENTION: Why arenít there watermarks, security threads and serial numbers on voting ballots, just like on cash money? Ė