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    War with Iran? A Warning to Patriots and Globalists

    War with Iran? A Warning to Patriots and Globalists

    By Number 6, on October 27th, 2011

    Lies that You Could Not Have Made Up, but They Did!

    As an Iranian-American, ex-US-Army infantryman and sergeant who has sworn a dying oath to the ever living 1776 revolution’s constitution I have found it imperative to warn my patriot brethren to the gravest danger facing our beloved republic at this juncture. The danger in question is not one which threatens us from any outside force but one that although foreign, is the Trojan horse we have been hoodwinked to see as our own government. The current menace is the latest round of wars set up for us which will inevitably lead to the bloodiest episodes in history of mankind; one that would give a new meaning to war, being waged not just on the self-appointed enemies (in this case Iran and the Persian Gulf region) but fought on a civil basis as well, on the home population whose sons and daughters will be dying to the bloody hymns of that Pied Piper warmongering globalist foreign controlled Uncle Sam.

    The regime which leads us to this newest march on humanity has its history etched in the blood of patriot soldiers led into its wars based on half-truths and lies. This new march, we are expected to believe, is based on the ‘moral justification’ that Iran must be attacked with the full force of Israel and the US because some drunk-stoner head Iranian-American Texas used car salesman (not a very good combination for a top-notch calculating secret agent man from the so called Axis of Evil) sitting in a jail cell swears to it. Oh and of course, there are some Mexican mafia hoods that also promise us and the victims of the coming wars that this is absolutely without a question the whole truth and let us not forget that they have some recordings to set our minds at ease.[1] No, really.

    Hillary Clinton, the obsessive compulsive liar[2] says, “You can’t make this stuff up, right?
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    If we get sucked into a global war detonated by our present involvement in the Middle Easter government coups, this would remove 100% of the pressure on our banking system and capture Obama's second term.

    Many are saying Obama is our last president.

    Notice that the Foreign Policy Initiative letter to Congress [see attachment] is signed by many of the same suspects who urged the US to attack Iraq. These are neocons, all. Some would say that a just country or God would put them, and their sons and daughters, into the front lines of every US war to come.

    Interesting read on what the neocons are trying their best to hide from us: ... ease-read/

    Two documents on Libya:

    (1) The Gaddafi They Are Not Telling Us About. Provides a quick list of some of Qadhafi's social and economic policies. (Compare to the hapless children of the Occupy Movement, who have no goals or plans).

    (2) Open Letter to House Republicans (PDF) from the Neo-Con Foreign Policy Initiative (which used to be called the Project for the New American Century). This letter, which may have led to 100000 dead in Libya, the devastation of its cities, the looting of its national treaury and the torture-murders of Qadhafi and much of his family, concludes with a handy list of war criminals.

    (1) The Gaddafi They Are Not Telling Us About. S.L., October 20, 2011

    VERY INTERESTING..... read

    The media has successfully painted Gaddafi as a hard-core dictator, tyrant whatever you want to call him. However, the media as usual has also failed to show the kind, giving Gaddafi we never heard of. Gaddafi unlike most dictators I will refrain from naming them has managed to show his humane side, the very side we dream of seeing in other dictators who just talk and talk. I consider Libyans lucky to a certain extent and one wonders with the new democratic rule they cry for will it improve or worsen life for them Yes, Gaddafi has spent millions of Libya's money on personal ventures but is the average Libyan poor? We know others who take a country and destroy it until you feel like there is no hope of restoring this country… looting some prefer to call it. Did Gaddafi loot Libya in any way? Now let us get to the unknown facts about the Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi:

    (1) There is no electricity bill in Libya; electricity is free for all its citizens.
    (2) There is no interest on loans, banks in Libya are state-owned and loans given to all its citizens at 0% interest by law.
    (3) Home considered a human right in Libya – Gaddafi vowed that his parents would not get a house until everyone in Libya had a home. Gaddafi’s father has died while him, his wife and his mother are still living in a tent.
    (4) All newlyweds in Libya receive $60,000 Dinar (US$50,000) by the government to buy their first apartment so to help start up the family.
    (5) Education and medical treatments are free in Libya. Before Gaddafi only 25% of Libyans are literate. Today the figure is 83%.
    (6) Should Libyans want to take up farming career, they would receive farming land, a farming house, equipments, seeds and livestock to kick-start their farms – all for free.
    (7) If Libyans cannot find the education or medical facilities they need in Libya, the government funds them to go abroad for it – not only free but they get US$2,300/mth accommodation and car allowance.
    ( In Libyan, if a Libyan buys a car, the government subsidized 50% of the price.
    (9) The price of petrol in Libya is $0.14 per liter.
    (10) Libya has no external debt and its reserves amount to $150 billion – now frozen globally.
    (11) If a Libyan is unable to get employment after graduation the state would pay the average salary of the profession as if he or she is employed until employment is found.
    (12) A portion of Libyan oil sale is credited directly to the bank accounts of all Libyan citizens.
    (13) A mother who gave birth to a child receive US$5,000
    (14) 40 loaves of bread in Libya costs $ 0.15
    (15) 25% of Libyans have a university degree
    (16) Gaddafi carried out the world’s largest irrigation project, at $27 billion, known as the Great Man-Made River project, to make water readily available throughout the desert country.
    Which other dictator has done much good to his people?

    (2) Open Letter to House Republicans (PDF) from the Neo-Con cabal ... libya.html
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