WATCH: Stephen Miller Breaks Down Afghan Refugee Racket on Tucker

Richard Moorhead | Sep 1, 2021

Former Trump White House policy advisor Stephen Miller broke down media-propagated misconceptions regarding the more than 100,000 Afghan nationals airlifted from Kabul in the wake of the country’s capitulation to the Taliban, speaking on Tucker Carlson Tonight on Wednesday.

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“Joe Biden played on America’s sympathies… for a small corps of Afghans who worked closely in difficult conditions with American troops… Left all those people, nearly, in Afghanistan, and in their stead, brought in 100,000 randomly selected Afghan nationals, and he’s not bringing them to the United States through any lawful process or vetting channels.”
Miller revealed his sources within DHS had indicated nearly all Afghan evacuees have no verified record of employment or allegiance with the United States government in Afghanistan. Information on supposed vetting practices used to facilitate Afghan immigration is scarce, with the federal government yet to reveal the criteria used to allot flights out of the country during the tenuous and hectic operation at the Kabul Airport.
Establishment media has consistently maintained that the large population of people the United States government airlifted from Afghanistan are interpreters who worked for the military or the American government, however, only a tiny share of the evacuees airlifted even qualify for the Special Immigrant Visas designated for Afghan collaborators.
Photo imagery of Afghan refugee flights have revealed an overwhelming share of the evacuees to be young-fighting age men, exactly the population the American government expected to fight back against the Taliban as they took swathes of the country without firing more than a few shots.
“If you bring in several provinces worth of individuals from Afghanistan, you will replicate the conditions of Afghanistan here in the United States of America, and all the horrors that entails.”
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WATCH: Stephen Miller Breaks Down Afghan Refugee Racket on Tucker - Big League Politics