If we are to regain our freedom as sovereign nations, our search for the answers must take us beyond Barack Hussein Obama

The way out of ObamaNation is the collapse of Agenda 21

Judi McLeod
Thursday, November 29, 2012

As dominant as he is in our worries and thoughts, the man they call Barack Hussein Obama is not the most important Agent of Change in daily life. Deliberately flamboyant by design, he’s only the most noticeable one.

Obama is the handpicked decoy for this particular point in time; the one who draws attention away from One Worlders who work to capture America by stealth; the seemingly impossible to remove Candy Man, enabled by 50 percent of the U.S. voting population.

As prime decoy, Obama is the main player on the current politician populated World stage. While their antics keep all eyes trained their way, the real Agent of Change works 24-7 in the background laying the groundwork to enslave you.

The more outrageous antics the performance of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and now Elizabeth Warren and Debbie Wasserman Schultz mesmerize, the more we miss seeing the subtle noose descending on an unknowing population.

We curse Obama and his loathsome personal ‘Army of Czars & Stars’; we whine about the stolen election. We torture ourselves with the reasons why he can’t be defeated. We fall for stories circulating the Net building false hopes that a vote recount is coming any day now; that a plurality of longstanding American states will secede.

And through it all, a majority of us completely ignore society’s most clear and present danger: The freedom and liberty smothering United Nations through its insidious Agenda 21.

Glenn Beck and Harriet Parke have a new book out about Agenda 21. Canada Free Press writers Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh, author of UN Agenda 21: Environmental Piracy and Kelly O’Connell write about it. The late Henry Lamb dedicated a lifetime to the impact of Agenda 21 on the masses, and that’s not counting the so many others.

Agenda 21 is the carbon monoxide of the world of bureaucratic entrapment. It has already poisoned and killed you before anyone noticed its presence.

“In case you’re still unsure how Agenda 21 operates, especially in relationship to local activities, allow Mark Edward Vande Pol – a former Agenda 21 planner for Santa Cruz County – to explain the process. (Carl Teichrib, forcingchang.org))
“This is Agenda 21. The UN intends to control your life, through incremental mandates instituted by your local government bureaucracy. You will never see it. You will never vote on it. No matter which path they use, the agencies can pen the new regulations under ‘threat’ of lawsuit and down the pipe it comes: enforceable administrative rules without legislation.”[1]
The UN successfully fends off citizen resistance to Agenda 21 by hiding it behind innocuous sounding names like “sustainable development” and by branding all resisters as conspiracy theorists.

But the build-up to One World Government for North America is fully documented and there is irrefutable proof in the making of Agenda 21 that it transcends a left-right paradigm.

Though it was to devolve through a myriad of revolutions, Agenda 21 got its beginning when Canadian UN Poster Boy Maurice Strong fell in with the Rockefellers and their storied wealth. Nondescript and never pinned down by household word fame, it was Maurice Strong who brought in thousands of environmentalists and NGOs to fight a cause that continues to this day.

For the past four years, we’ve heard Barack Obama blame Bush for all of America’s ills.

Blaming Bush takes on new meaning when we look through the rear view mirror of time and realize that former President George Herbert Walker Bush was the fist American president in modern times to sell America out to One World Government UN control.

Little if any public shock was registered when Bush said on Sept. 11, 1990: “Out of these troubled times, our objective—a new world order—can emerge. Today that new world is struggling to be born, a world quite different from the one we have known.”

George Bush Sr. New World Order Live Speech Sept 11 1991

George Bush Sr. New World Order Live Speech Sept 11 1991 - YouTube

It is documented proof that it was Pappy Bush who birthed One World Government on an unsuspecting America. It was slick circus medicine man former President William Clinton, in tandem with then Senator Nancy Pelosi, who sustained it. It was former President George W. Bush who signed papers for a North American Union with Mexico and Canada, and Barack Hussein Obama who the UN would bring into power to fully implement it.
This is how the UN’s Agenda 21 fully transcended the left-right paradigm.

Obama has another four more years to implement One World Order. If the UN’s end game cannot be accomplished during the next four years, Obama will run and win the presidential election again.

Canada not only provided the architect of One World Order in Maurice Strong, it played the most major role in carrying the banner of the “New World Agenda” into the next century.

Americans in the know looking to where One World Government originated should look no further than their number one trading partner in the country next door.

“Unknown to the majority of Americans, Canada has positioned itself on the cutting edge of international environmental/political change. Although its population is one tenth of the US, its leadership role in the “global experiment” cannot be overstated. (Carl Teichrib). “As Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien once said, “We are one world. We in Canada feel this deeply. Responsible international citizenship is one of our proudest shared values. And the place we exercise that responsible citizenship is in multilateral organizations the town hall meetings of the world community.

“In the words of Prime Minister Jean Chretien, ‘Canada is in the forefront of efforts to ensure that the United Nations is prepared for the challenges of the future.’

Indeed, his country’s involvement in the international globalization process has been extremely systematic. Besides being the planetary meeting ground and sponsor for major sustainable development events, Canada has furthered the path to globalism by contributing to the environmental “intelligentsia”—the thought process undergirding the movement. Consider the following quotes from a 1992 meeting of the Canadian Council for International Co-operation:

“‘We need a unified one world order to replace the collectivity of nation states at the international level. The Euro-American model which now dominates the world systematically disables people, destroys the earth and creates dependency on wage labour’.

“In this model, politics loses its left-versus-right conflict and moves instead towards a fundamental concern for the health of the ecosystem…

Democracy is replaced with “biocracy”, where not people but life-sustaining systems are the central concern.

Democracy remains a need within this model, at both local and global levels, but as one part of the whole system. “Participation” becomes more than people’s physical presence and deepens to contain a cultural and spiritual dimension…To implement these concepts, we start with bringing the community together and look at the land resources available. We decide how we want the community to evolve and decide who has control of the resources.

“Likewise, the following statement from the Canadian federal government to the United Nations contains a similar thread—a sustainable world order based on complete world management.

“Canada believes the establishment of an international financial and economic system that is conducive to sustainable development must be a cornerstone of efforts to implement Agenda 21. Canada strongly supports efforts to reform international organizations to ensure effectiveness and efficiency in the promotion of global sustainable development.”

The age of Canada’s complicity in One World Government predates the chilling words of Carl Teichrib written in 1999: “Recently I received an email concerning Canada’s role in the push for global government. At its core, the message spoke of America’s need to look towards Canada in order to understand the forces pressuring US global integration.

As a Canadian, I recognize the truth of that statement, and find it deeply troubling to watch as my country carries the banner of the “New World Order Agenda” into the next century.

“America needs to look beyond its own borders to understand what is happening within its borders. The largest trading partner the US has is Canada. With that in mind, it should have concerned everyone in both countries when Prime Minister Jean Chretien explained that the United Nations is “the centre piece of Canadian foreign policy. This foreign policy, this promotion of “global order” is taking North America down the fast track to international socialism. Hidden under the guise of sustainable development, our two nations are trading freedom for a draconian world agenda.
“What will it take to wake us up?”

In the years that followed Teichrib’s poignant question, a UN sanctioned community activist promising the fundamental transformation of America was elected in 2008 and was reelected in 2012.

Canada eventually slipped the bonds of its 12-year Liberal rule when Jean Chretien was calling the shots. As this piece is being written, the Stephen Harper Conservative Government—the first majority one after five years of two minority governments, is one and a half years into its first majority.

So far Harper has done nothing to free Canada from UN grip.

The gathering storm provided by a joint effort by the Liberals and the New Democratic Party has been trying to come up with the right strategy to force the Conservative government to fall.

For all those who rest in the false comfort that that will never happen should look to Toronto, where Rob Ford, the first conservative mayor in living memory, was forced to give up a seat won by 380,000 votes via an obscure municipal law left on the books, just this week.

In order for the citizen population of North America to find its way out of the dark, citizens must come together to somehow find the way to break the yoke of Agenda 21.
It could easily be of North America that the question “Who’s Your Daddy?” could be asked.

If we are to regain our freedom as sovereign nations, our search for the answers must take us beyond Barack Hussein Obama.

It will take a lot of work to turn the tide on Agenda 21, but it is a possibility.

Its increasing control of our towns and cities notwithstanding, Agenda 21 is not impossible to put down and defeat because Agenda 21 has at least one provable weakness. Had it not been for Smart Meters, public attention might never have been called to the encroaching One World Order being implemented today by Barack Obama.

The way out of ObamaNation is the collapse of Agenda 21