WEF globalists brag about hackable humans: “We can decode faces in your mind, your PIN number to your bank account”

Wednesday, January 25, 2023 by: Ethan Huff
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(Natural News) They’re almost done taking away your freedom of speech. And the next part of their agenda is to steal your freedom of thought.
At this year’s annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF), globalist Nita Farahany led a session called “Ready for Brain Transparency?” that discussed the next globalist plot to decode and control people’s thoughts by hacking their brainwaves.
Farahany presented a hypothetical scenario in which an employer could spy on employees’ thoughts to determine their performance in the workplace, as well as to identify any potential illegal activity in which they might be engaged.
“We can pick up and decode faces that you’re seeing in your mind – single shapes, numbers, your PIN number to your bank account,” Farahany fantasized before her globalist audience – watch below:

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A dystopian glimpse at the potential future of Hackable Humans: "The government has subpoenaed employee brainwave data from the past year [...] They are looking for co-conspirators through synchronized brain activity":
#wef23 'Ready for Brain Transparency?' session

11:15 AM · Jan 19, 2023

“Artificial intelligence has enabled advances in decoding brain activity in ways we never before thought possible,” Farahany went on to state during the session. (Related: This is all part of WEF leader Klaus Schwab’s continued efforts to “master the future“.)
The globalists want to spy on your every thought and action for their own perverted pleasure

When human brains are no longer autonomous, the scenario presented by Farahany is entirely possible – as are many other dystopian scenarios. This is what these people want for you and your family: to be fully controlled and monitored at all times.
“What you think, what you feel: it’s all just data – data that in large patterns can be decoded using artificial intelligence,” Farahany added about the technology she and her tribe are developing.
Such technology is already out there in the form of things like the wearable Fitbit. In fact, Farahany called what is next on the agenda for human brain hacking a “Fitbit for your brain.”
“We’re not talking about implanted devices of the future; I’m talking about wearable devices that are like Fitbits for your brain,” she explained.
“These are headbands, hats that have sensors that can pick up your brainwave activity, ear buds, headphones, tiny tattoos that you can wear behind your ear – we can pick up emotional states – like are you happy or sad or angry.”
Farahany continued to revel during the sessions about “surveillance of the human brain,” which she admitted can be “used to exploit and bring to the surface our most secret self.”
Her statements echo those of fellow globalist Yuval Noah Harari, who has been saying for years at WEF annual meetings that “we are no longer mysterious souls,” but are rather “hackable animals” to be exploited for labor, profit, and the perverse thrill of being abused by globalist creeps, many of whom are pedophile demons covered in human flesh.
“To hack human beings, you need a lot of biological knowledge, a lot of computing power, and especially a lot of data,” Harari stated in the past.
“If you have enough data about me and enough computing power and biological knowledge, you can hack my body, my brain, my life. You can reach a point where you know me better than I know myself.”
Like Farahany, Harari envisions a future in which all his human subjects are forced to “wear a biometric bracelet, which constantly monitors your brain activity 24 hours a day.”
“You listen to a speech on the radio by the ‘Great Leader,’ and they know what you actually feel – you can clap your hands and smile, but if you’re angry, they know and you’ll be in the gulag tomorrow morning.”
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WEF globalists brag about hackable humans: “We can decode faces in your mind, your PIN number to your bank account” – NaturalNews.com