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Thread: "We're working for the Chinese" The bizarre world we live in

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    "We're working for the Chinese" The bizarre world we live in

    And the Chinese communists say "thanks"

    It's mind boggling, but someone the reality that China is a communist dictatorship - and a brutal one at that - has been "sanitized" from the minds of most Americans.

    Read the WSJ, watch 1,000 hours of CNBC...You won't hear this basic bread and butter reality mentioned once.

    Sure they have great and absurdly pointless bullet trains. Hitler had the autobahn. So what?

    None of the PR window dressing changes the basic fact.

    But, by God, we all have to rally around the flag and salute China as the Great New Hope of the world economy.

    Note: This video features a "Leftist" professor laying out the facts of life better than the business channels. Go figure.

    If you're a US taxpayer, you're working
    for the Chinese.


    How does that work? It's simple really.


    US "We're working for the Chinese"

    Ken McCarthy
    Real Econ TV

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    14 North Road,
    Tivoli, NY 12583, USA

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    We definitely won't see this tonight on Bill O'Reilly, Shep Smith, or Greta ..
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    We are in the twilight zone!

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