What's your reaction to the second DHS 'domestic extremism' report?

- I agree with the report - every group mentioned is a potential threat and should be watched

- Domestic terrorism was a real problem during the last Democrat administration - we ignore it at our peril

- It doesn't hurt to be prepared

- Some of the groups mentioned concern me, some don't

- At least this list doesn't seem as partisan as the last one

- I'm not in one of the groups so this doesn't affect me

- This is why letting George Bush have his way in the war on terror was a bad idea - the monster he created is now aimed at law-abiding Americans by Obama

- Tax resisters? Does that include Obama's appointees who didn't pay their taxes

- The Department of Homeland Security is being run by people who see Americans as the enemy

- I wonder why "al-Qaida-trained Gitmo detainees released into American neighborhoods" wasn't on the list

- It's time for Janet Napolitano to resign ... or be fired

- Other