While Democrats let actual criminals roam free, these two elderly women were CONVICTED and face 11 years in prison for peacefully blocking an abortion clinic

09/20/2023 // Ethan Huff // 1.6K Views

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The Department of Justice (DoJ) has successfully convicted two elderly women, 73-year-old Jean Marshall of Kingston, Mass., and 74-year-old Joan Bell of Montague, N.J., for blocking the entrance of an abortion clinic back in 2020.
Along with 41-year-old Jonathan Darnel of Arlington, Va., Marshall and Bell now face up to 11 years in prison in a two-count indictment charging them with federal civil rights offenses for their actions on Oct. 22, 2020, at a Washington, D.C., "reproductive health" clinic.
Darnel, Marshall, and Bell were each convicted of a felony conspiracy against rights and an offense of the FACE Act. In addition to a maximum prison sentence of 11 years each, the three defendants also face three years of supervised release and a fine of up to $350000 each.
The incident occurred at a time when Black Lives Matter (BLM) terrorists were roving the country burning down businesses and cities, all without consequence, to show solidary with George Floyd, a criminal who was captured by Minneapolis police officers in May 2020.
While the BLM "protesters" were ultimately given a free pass for their crimes because of "systemic racism," these three are now being punished to the full extent of the law for trying to protect the unborn from being murdered.
(Related: Earlier this year, the Satanic Temple opened its own abortion clinic where women can go to perform a "religious ritual" before murdering their unborn babies.)
Destroying cities is fine, but don't you dare block the entrance to an abortion clinic

Based on the evidence showed at trial, the three defendants were ruled to have engaged in a conspiracy to create a blockade at the abortion clinic, preventing it from providing, and patients from receiving, abortion services.

Marshall and Bell traveled to the D.C. area to meet with Darnel and participate in the blockade, which was ruled to be part of the conspiracy. They also broadcast their activities on Facebook.
Marshall and Bell were among a larger group that forcefully entered the clinic and created a blockade at the two clinic doors using their bodies, furniture, chains and ropes while live-streaming their activities on social media.
Because they used a physical obstruction to injure, intimidate, and interfere with the clinic's employees and a patient, the three were further deemed to have violated the FACE Act.
Last month, five other co-conspirators connected to the incident received the same counts. They include:
• 28-year-old Lauren Handy of Alexandria, Va.
• 67-year-old John Hinshaw of Levittown, N.Y.
• 61-year-old Heather Idoni of Linden, Mich.
• 52-year-old William Goodman of the Bronx, N.Y.
• 25-year-old Herb Geraghty of Pittsburgh, Penn.
All five of these individuals were convicted of felony conspiracy against rights and a FACE Act offense. Another co-defendant, Jay Smith, also pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 10 months in jail followed by three years of supervised release.
The lesson to be learned from all this is that you are free to rob, steal, destroy, and even kill, just so long as you do so while aligned with a far-left group like BLM – and you can get extra points if you do so in the name of fighting "white privilege." But you must never, ever try to interfere with baby murder or else you'll be sent to the slammer.
"Yet more political persecution," one commenter wrote about the case. "More weaponization of the justice system."
"These people are being sent to jail for 11 years for, effectively, having a sit in. What about all the Antifa and BLM insurrectionists who trashed dozens of cities, caused many billions in damage, and killed dozens of people?"
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While Democrats let actual criminals roam free, these two elderly women were CONVICTED and face 11 years in prison for peacefully blocking an abortion clinic – NaturalNews.com