Wisconsin tea party groups have greatly geared up to take on efforts to recall Gov. Scott Walker.

Petition signtaures will be delivered in January after collecting (supposedly) 540,000 legitimate signatures.

There are a number of websites where folks can volunteer to help recognize and challenge fraudulent signatures:

VERIFY THE RECALL – Volunteer – http://www.verifytherecall.com/
VERIFY THE RECALL – Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VerifyTheRecall
SCOTT WALKER – http://www.scottwalker.org/ ; http://www.scottwalker.org/verify
RECALL INTEGRITY CENTER — http://www.recallintegritycenter.com/

At Verify the Recall.com software is being developed.

If the data entered into this software program works as proposed, we will have a data base with well over 800,000 signatures, names and addresses.

There are 6 components to the Verify the Recall system.

One of those is a search feature that permits the user to search by name, address or by street, city, county, etc.

The software makes it possible for people to check whether their family, friends and neighbors have signed (or their names have been signed unbeknownst to them).

This software progam has national implications because nominating petitions for every candidate, from president to local candidates, will soon be filed in every state.

If every state creates a data base from these public documents (signatures on nominating petitions) fraudulent voter registrations will be minimized somewhat and circulators who cerfity fraudulent names will quickly face criminal indictment / pumishment.