Woke Wells Fargo cancels accounts for major Fla. gun dealer as bank indicates it will cut loans to white people

Monday, January 16, 2023 by: JD Heyes
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(Natural News) Wells Fargo bank is making moves to impose corporate management’s left-wing agenda on as much of the country as possible, which will lead to a further bifurcation of left-versus-right in an America that is no longer united on much of anything, thanks to the Communist Democratic Party’s counter-revolutionary push over the past 50 years.
First, the bank has decided to end its relationship with a major gun dealer in Florida, further indicating that it will increasingly discriminate against the firearms industry unless there is a concerted legal effort to punish Wells Fargo for doing so.
According to The Reload:
With little explanation, the bank closed the business and personal accounts of Brandon Wexler just before Christmas. After 25 years with a personal account and 14 years with a business account, Wexler was given about a month to find a new bank. As owner of Wex Gunworks in Delray Beach, Florida, Wexler has been cited in countless major media reports for years, but Wells Fargo said his business had suddenly become too risky.
“Wells Fargo performs ongoing reviews of its account relationships in connection with the Bank’s responsibilities to manage risks in its banking operations,” the bank said in a December 22nd letter to Wexler. “We recently reviewed your account relationship and, as a result of this review, we will be closing your above-referenced accounts.”
A second letter the bank sent the following day informed the store owner that the company was also canceling his business line of credit, noting “the reason(s) for this action is: Banking guidelines excludes lending to certain types of businesses.” Of course, the letter did not offer any further details and Wexler said no one at his local bank branch offered one, either.
“I’ve been with them for 25 years,” he told The Reload. “I’m a professional fireman. I do everything the right way. It’s messed up.”
He went on to say that he had not changed anything with his business and that he believes the bank’s decision was based solely on the left-wing corporate board room’s hatred of America’s fundamental right to keep and bear arms.
“It feels like it’s a direct attack against gun dealers,” he said. “This all just happened recently, and we have been in business for many years. I’ve never ever seen anything like this.”
A spokesperson for the bank denied that, of course.
“Based on our analysis of the risk associated with this customer, we made a decision to close the accounts,” she told The Reload. “Our decision is not based on the industry.”
The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), which represents gun makers and dealers, said what happened with Wexler is part of a larger trend within the financial sector.
“Wells Fargo’s decision to abruptly cancel all business ties with Wex Gunworks is the most recent example of ‘woke’ banking discrimination against the firearm industry,” Mark Oliva, an NSSF spokesman, told The Reload.
Meanwhile, as Infowars reported, Wells Fargo is also discriminating against white people, which is not just unconstitutional but a direct violation of federal civil rights laws:
Wells Fargo, the top mortgage lending institution in the U.S., announced its cutting home loan services to instead focus on select customers, namely “individuals and families in minority communities.”
The financial services company claimed the decision is based on market changes and a slowing economy, but that apparently isn’t stopping the company from woke virtue-signaling.
“We are making the decision to continue to reduce risk in the mortgage business by reducing its size and narrowing its focus,” Kleber Santos, CEO of Consumer Lending said in a press release, as reported by the New York Post.
“We will continue to expand our programs to reach more customers in underserved communities by leveraging our strong partnerships with the National Urban League, Unidos US and other non-profit organizations,” said Kristy Fercho, Well Fargo’s head of Home Lending and head of Diverse Segments, Representation and Inclusion.
Mind you, banks don’t need departments of ‘inclusion’ because of our Constitution and federal laws against discrimination. So the only reason to form one is to discriminate officially under the guise of trying to be ‘more inclusive.’
As more legacy institutions like banks continue to shun more than half the country, it will become even more necessary for there to be new ones — like ‘patriot banks’ — to replace them.
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Woke Wells Fargo cancels accounts for major Fla. gun dealer as bank indicates it will cut loans to white people – NaturalNews.com