LYNN (CBS) – A woman in Lynn is facing larceny charges over a rather odd scheme that police say would have netted her about ten dollars.

Police say a detail officer at the Stop & Shop in Lynn noticed 36-year-old Tina Cafarelli had just used an EBT card to purchase a shopping cart full of soda and had wheeled it right to the can redemption center.
“At that point she started ripping open the cases of soda she purchased and started putting the full cans right into the machine, which caused severe damage to the machine,” said Lynn Police Lt. Chris Kelly.

The officer saw what was going on and decided to investigate.

Police say he determined that Cafarelli had stolen the EBT card and used it to purchase $64-worth of soda.
Cafarelli was arrested and charged with larceny, destruction of property over $250, and obstruction of justice for allegedly giving police a false name.

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