World Economic Forum claims economic crisis is an opportunity to transition to green energy

Friday, July 15, 2022 by: Arsenio Toledo

(Natural News) The World Economic Forum (WEF) recently published an article claiming that the current global economic crisis is a great opportunity for the world to transition to using more renewable energy sources, which they say is the key to protecting both the economy and democracy.
The article was written by Edward Barbier, a “university distinguished professor” of economics at Colorado State University. Barbier claimed that the world is facing the twin crises of climate change and the global decline in democracy, and that these two crises “have come to a head in recent years.” (Related: World Economic Forum deletes article claiming ESH will make Sri Lanka rich by 2025.)
Barbier argued that transition to green energy is key to both tackling climate change and creating sustainable economies, both of which are necessary for countries to safeguard civil liberties and have greater political rights.
“Collective action on a green energy transition is thereby not only good for the climate but also vital for protecting democracy,” wrote Barbier.
He compared data from 83 countries he classified as either, “advanced,” “emerging markets” or “developing.” Using this categorization, he made the case that the nations he studied that have taken steps toward relying more on renewable energy sources are more free and democratic than countries that have not taken similar steps toward a green transition. He claimed they are “typically less free and more autocratic.”
Barbier’s and the WEF’s so-called investigation does not consider actual data on American emissions, which shows that cutting down fossil fuel consumption does not really address the problem with pollution.
Biden administration increasingly hostile toward oil and gas industries

At the beginning of President Joe Biden’s tenure in Jan. 2021, he pushed forward several green energy policies designed to reduce America’s use of and reliance on fossil fuels.
Analysts have noted that the Biden administration has become very hostile toward the oil and gas industry, so much so that the country has indeed lessened its reliance on oil and natural gas.
As of mid-June, America’s oil refining capacity has just around 800,000 barrels produced per day. Half the refineries that closed did so because they were being converted for renewable fuel production.
Biden has also publicly criticized oil and gas industry executives in his speeches, claiming that they are raking in big profits from high gasoline prices at the expense of working Americans. During one event, he claimed that ExxonMobil “made more money than God this year.”
Despite this tough rhetoric, Biden doesn’t actually want to engage with officials from the energy industry, nor does he seem to be inclined to deal with gas prices, which are currently at levels not seen for decades and surpassing the prices seen during the energy crisis of the late 1970s.
“Your administration has largely sought to criticize, and at times vilify, our industry,” said Chevron CEO Michael Wirth referring to Biden.
“The outreach from the administration is lacking,” said Frank Macchiarola, a senior policy executive for the American Petroleum Institute.
Ed Hirs, an energy economist at the University of Houston, said Biden’s open vilification of the oil and gas industry represented an “oil playbook” that rarely ever works. Instead, this kind of hostility only ensures that the two sides will keep refusing to meet and negotiate.
“I have not seen this much vitriol since the 1970s,” said Hirs.
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