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Population density by country
Population by continent as a percentage of world population (1750‚Äď2005)

The world population is the total number of living humans on Earth at a given time. As of January 2009, the world's population is estimated to be about 6.7 billion.[1] According to population projections, this figure continues to grow; the 2008 rate of growth has almost halved since its peak of 2.2% per year, which was reached in 1963. World births have levelled off at about 134 million per year since the mid 1990's, and are expected to remain constant. However, deaths are only around 56 million per year, and are expected to increase to 90 million by the year 2050. Since births outnumber deaths, the world's population is expected to reach nearly 9 billion by the year 2042.[2][3] Please see World population estimates for more figures.

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