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    Bank of America

    I'm sure that Bank of America appreciates the current climate in America where people and companies get away with breaking the law and mistreating the public. It's obvious that someone is protecting this bank or they would have been closed down by now. I'm a former customer who had major problems with crooked overdraft fees and failures by the bank to protect my money. This bank has got to be the most crooked financial institution of liars. It does not help your money grow. It steals from you. If this bank would get out of its denial and stop lying to Americans it might have a chance. However, it appears that the bank is a institution of financial deception. This cannot be tolerated. This is why this bank is losing customers on a daily basis and why when they ask if you want to open an account many people say no thanks. Their customer service is terrible. It appears that they are trained to deceive customers just to make money. If they were an honest bank they might be very strong but they insist that they've done nothing wrong. Shame on Bank of America. Is deception the only tool you can use to make money? An investigation and overhual of this bank is needed.

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    Welcome and talking to the preacher here!!!!!! The stories I could tell about the RIP offs of this bank......would take a series.

    NOT just recently.....but for a time back. Makes me ready to spit lead bullets.

    I will say this without any qualms and proof to back me......NEVER deal with this BANK.......ever!

    In Florida this used to be Barnett Bank. Lord knows the names of the other banks they are affiliated with now. Fingerprints and everything.

    Know how they hit college students for credit cards? In Florida they gave my daughter a credit card as soon as she graduated from high school.....NO JOB......nothing!
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    Bank of America was a lousy bank 20 years ago. People have so much trouble with that bank. They used to say it was a ''teaching' bank. Where the employees learned how to work in a bank. I think today its called the Bank of Mexico

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    Welcome to ALIPAC!!! Bank of America, one of the largest banks in this country has never done a thing for this country except entice the individual citizens into fancy financing schemes and easy credit. What really angers me the most is that illegals have no problem also accessing these loans to buy homes and cars, something which they should have no right to in the first place.
    BofA is not the only one. There are very few banks who are not guilty of creating the financial mess for this country, just for the sake of keeping their stockholders happy and their executives in their cushy jobs.
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    We have a national boycott of Bank Of America that has been going for over one year.

    Here is the boycott site.

    Here is the background info here on our site

    and here is the home of the NIIBC (National Illegal Immigration Boycott Coalition) which ALIPAC directs

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    Welcome to ALIPAC. We had a major problem trying to CLOSE our accounts with them last year. They claimed we never closed our accounts and tried to make us pay fees for having a low balance. I'm pretty sure we had receipts and documentation proving this but they were extremely difficult to work with. We had to file a complaint with the Comptroller of currency to resolve it. I think they figured we would just pay it and be done with it but no way! I love to hear about them losing money now.

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    WELCOME TO ALIPAC theprophet359

    Just to let you know, you are preaching to the choir here
    Proud American and wife of a wonderful LEGAL immigrant from Ireland.
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