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    BBVA can Create False Accounts

    Well, read this:

    Some time Ago, Ivan Forcada, some short time after that he was victim of a fraud, he contacted a friend that knew a manager of a subsidiary of BBVA bank. This manager told him to bring his documents, to check his case.

    Ivan Forcada tells:


    I got early at the bank, to meet with this manager of BBVA, and I gave him all my documents, and told him about my case, and told him that I suspected that someone inside the bank made the fraud.

    This manager told me: Don't worry, we will check it, and really I think is very difficult that the fraud was made by someone inside the bank, because BBVA has a very secure and expensive system.

    So, I gave him the account number, where my money was fraudulent deposited to, and he check the system. He gave me more data, and told me that the account was closed. Right away, he got a phone call, from people of BBVA security, asking him why he was checking that account, and that he had no permission to do it.

    So, this manager told me, now I belive you, and I think your case is difficult, and the true is that I offer the Internet Service daily to many customers, and now I have panic to keep doing it, bacause now I know their money would be in danger.

    He told me, I did everything I could, and really can't help you.

    So, I thank him, and gone away

    The important in this, is that this manager realize that the frauds really were made by someone inside main headquarter of BBVA Bancomer, from security, and he thought that it was strange that someone from security told him to not check an account.

    The address registered in the account that recived the fraudulen money, was incomplete, without street, without number, only it was registered: Mexico City
    Have you ever seen that a bank accept an ID without street address? or street number?


    BBVA Bancomer has deny all this data to the Mexican Laws, saying that is "Bank Secret", and is hidding all the information to authorities and defrauded customer. ... ounts.html

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    Welcome to Alipac.

    I removed some information from the post becuase it is a rule violation. We don't allow personal information to be posted on our forum.

    Here are the rules for your review. Thanks! Dixie ... ic&t=26071
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    Most personal info that is stolen is done in-house. Either banks or credit cards companies. I don't do any banking online, never have, I have been on the net since before it went GUI base.
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    Correct. The biggest problem facing banking companies is internal fraud, NOT external fraud. The numbers for extrernal fraud are amazing, add that again and some more and it is easy to see that banks aren't really committed to securing their operations to combat fraud.

    I worked for CitiBank in New York, and as it so happened, my cubicle was located directly beside the door to the security department. (A plain, non-descript, solid wood door, I might add!)

    There was not one single day in the 6 months I worked at that location that I didn't have a bank employee standing outside that door waiting to be given a lie detector test. (I know they were employees because of their badges.)

    This door was in the middle of a plain wall, there were no seats. The employees were told to stand by the door and wait for their test to be administered. The poor fools would wait for 45 minutes or more before a security representative would collect them. This was by design, I was told.

    Placing a suspect employee against a wall and have them wait, as if some errant student outside the principals office, "sofentened" them up.

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    I think it is possible it is internal - as in someone in the very office.
    Also, I think it possible it is happening thorough the oursourcing of jobs to other countries. They have access to all our information when this happens and what are we going to do about it.
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    Perhaps many who read here are not familiar with BBVA, Bancomer of Mexico. i bank with this bank and while I hate all banks this is a good one especially when security is concerned.

    in many parts of Mexico including where I live no street numbers exist, also in many parts no street names exist either and this is a fact. my home address is "domicilio conocido" which means "known address" we list this above the neighborhood name, city name, state and postal code. i live in the outskirts of an established town in unincorporated jurisdiction so reason for no street address is also lack of city planning at all. people just set up house and end up living wherever it is they do this. this is a developing country and this is evidence to that

    BBVA isn't doing anything to promote illegal migration. your focus should be on American banks who pander to them.

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    That's good tips. Most personal info that is stolen is done in-house. Either banks or credit cards companies.

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