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    A note from Bank of America about illegal credit cards

    Dear Mr Allen,

    Thank you for your e-mail.

    Bank of America created this pilot in Los Angeles to help current
    customers who have deposits with us, but little or no credit history,
    build a credit history. The program is consistent with our goal of
    helping our customers meet their financial needs.

    We are careful to comply with U.S. laws and regulations, including the
    USA Patriot Act, and use the same criteria to extend credit across our
    entire customer base. We require all customers to provide us with two
    forms of identification, one of which must be an unexpired U.S. or
    foreign government-issued identification card. Our banking center
    associates then verify the customer's identity.

    Customers who sign up for this particular credit card program must also
    have an existing deposit account with us.

    This program is being piloted in predominantly Hispanic communities in
    southern California, and offers a secured credit card to existing Bank
    of America deposit account holders who have little or no credit history.

    We appreciate the opportunity to assist you online. Should you have any
    further inquiries, please e-mail us again. Thank you for choosing Bank
    of America. We value your business and look forward to serving your
    banking needs.

    Danielle Buehler, Bank of America

    This message is in response to your recent request. If you are not the
    addressee please contact us. Any reply to this e-mail will not be
    secure; please do not respond with personal or confidential information.

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    one of which must be an unexpired U.S. or
    foreign government-issued identification card.
    Yes, like the worthless Matricula card which the Mexican government will give to anyone.

    Several of the leaders in our movement picked up cheap Matricula cards with a new name on it just to illustrate that point.

    Only illegal aliens need a Matricula card or "foreign government-issued identification card" to bank in America.

    Therefore, Bank of America is targeting illegal aliens.

    They are denying it like a thief caught on a neighbors back porch after midnight with lock picking tools in his hand.

    Support our FIGHT AGAINST illegal immigration & Amnesty by joining our E-mail Alerts at

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    Welcome to Alipac Guitarmanfour!

    It's pretty simple, Americans have SS cards, and illegal aliens don't.

    Englishmen, who have no right in this kingdom of France, the King of Heaven sends you word and warning...depart into your own country... Joan of Arc.

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    Let all illegals go to their home country and get a credit card

    Sounds good and wise.
    Politics of Illegal Immigration - Census, E-Verify, and I9s:

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