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    Stop the Bailout of Wall Street Banks

    Help Stop the Bailout of Irresponsible Wall Street Banks

    If you're like the vast majority of homeowners, despite the recent downturn in the housing market, you're not in foreclosure - in fact you've been making your mortgage payments on time. Maybe you chose not to take out an adjustable rate mortgage or a home equity line on your house. Maybe you've had to make sacrifices to cover your mortgage payments every month.

    So, when you hear politicians talk about a "bailout" to help the Wall Street banks that issued irresponsible loans you're asking yourself: "Who's going to pay for that?" The answer is: your tax dollars are going to pay for it. Don't let that happen, sign our Petition now!

    The Senate has overwhelmingly passed a so-called "mortgage relief" bill that will set up a government slush fund to buy up these bad loans.

    This really should be called the "Rewarding Irresponsible Wall Street Banks" bill. Not only do you have to scrimp and save to pay off your own mortgage, but now Senator Chris Dodd and the rest of Congress want you to help underwrite other bad loans that should have never been made in the first place. Act now and sign our petition.

    Otherwise, you get to pay twice for your mortgage!

    It's not too late. We need to send a message to those Wall Street banks: If you give out bad loans, you'll be responsible - not the taxpayers.

    If you agree with us that this is an outrageous use of your taxpayer money, please sign our petition and let Congress know!
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    Corporate welfare is under-recognized and under-reported.

    If private individual citizens are allowed to starve in quiet desperation (often,a through no fault of their own...BTW), why shouldn't large corporations which have been mismanaged be allowed the same treatment???
    Let the crooked ones take a dive. Let the honest ones survive.
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    The use of taxpayer funds to bailout Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will put in jeopardy the US Credit Rating and the dollar's status as reserve currency. This in fact, puts the US Government at risk.

    The sheer size of the bailout has finally provoked the anger of the majority of taxpayers who had nothing to do with causing the problem but now find themselves being asked to pay for it.

    Luckily, they now have an advocate that is ready to help them let congress know how they feel. With one click here: , taxpayers can educate themselves and do something about it. They can watch a short video, read two letters from knowledgeable, responsible taxpayers to congress, participate in a protest in Wash DC and sign a petition endorsing the recommendations advocated in the two letters to stop bailouts and reverse the disastrous policies that have taken the US to the brink of a meltdown of its financial system.

    The ramifications of a bailout of this size, especially without debate, demands that all media step up to bat and help get the word out to taxpayers.....after all, the Fed doesn't have its own is using taxpayer money without their approval. The future of our country is at stake

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