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    Courtdale, PA Focus Campaigns


    Mayor James Gaughan said it is up to small municipalities to create illegal immigration ordinances because the federal government can?t effectively manage a nationwide legislation. Local communities have the eyes to keep track of residents and illegal immigrants, he said. Courtdale is in the process of drafting its own illegal immigration ordinance.

    Activist Instructions

    We need ALIPAC Activists to make calls, send letters, faxes, and e-mails to all members of the Courtdale Council asking them to please pass the ordinances to prevent illegal aliens from city employment and rental properties. You may want to share with them some articles about what other cities are doing and some of the problems and public attitudes (polls) about illegal immigration.


    Dear Councilman _________:

    I am calling/writing today to ask you to please follow the lead of Hazelton, PA and pass strict immigration enforcement measures in Courtdale as soon as possible. The federal government is not adequately securing our border or enforcing our existing immigration laws. I feel it is incumbent upon our states and cities to take action to protect communities from illegal immigration. Illegal immigration has many negative repercussions for our communities including depressed wages, increased health care costs, increased costs to taxpayers, increased crime, infectious diseases, and lost American jobs.

    I hope you will stand with the vast majority of Americans that want our laws enforced and our communities and tax dollars protected from illegal aliens.

    Please pass these ordinances as soon as possible. A majority of your constituents support this effort.

    Thank You,

    Contact Information

    Courtdale Borough Building
    5 Blackman St
    Kingston, PA 18704
    (570) 287-8838
    (570) 287-2725 Fax

    James Gaughan, Mayor
    (570) 287-5505

    Council Members:

    Carl Hodorowski, President
    (570) 288-4054

    Anthony DeSantis, Vice President
    (570) 283-2059

    Jill Dietrick, Secretary
    (570) 655-4674

    John Baldovsky, Council Member
    (570) 287-6313

    John Youngblood, Council Member
    (570) 288-3405

    Rodgers/Phillips, Solicitor
    (570) 823-0101

    Sam Barbose, Council Member
    (570) 288-4620

    Tom Vest, Council Member
    (570) 287-6808

    William Berlew, Council Member
    (570) 288-3356


    Proposal targets illegal immigrants

    Plains Joining Other Towns Banning Illegal Immigration

    Focus Campaigns Status

    Launched 8/29/2006
    Completed Date:

    Oct. 17, 2006 Searched for Updates.
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    Note: The mayors email to the barons address is bouncing.
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    Sent letters to both email addresses, will watch for returns on the barons address. Thanks loserville
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    Sent letters to both addresses.

    Used form letter.

    Will post any reply.
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