Urgent Calls Needed for E-Verify Bill in FL Legislature

HB219 unanimously passed the Florida House Governmental Affairs Policy Committee on March 24, 2010. HB219 contains a good E-Verify provision for public contractors and state agencies. This would mean that State of Florida funds will be expended only if contractors and subcontractors to state agencies verify that their workers are legal.

The much wider scope private E-Verify bill, The Florida Citizen's Employment Protection Act of 2010 proposed by FLIMEN, is unfortunately not politically feasible this year as demonstrated by a six month effort that failed to garner either a Senate or House sponsor. Nonetheless, HB219 is a good small step forward.

HB219 has one additional committee in the House and five committees in the Senate so it will be a daunting task to get the bill through committees and a full House and Senate vote prior to the end of the Session on April 30, 2010. Because the bill is moving in the House the focus is now on Senate bill S1880, the companion bill to HB219.

Calls, faxes and emails are needed to:
Senate President Jeff Atwater:
Urge that S1880 be fast-tracked in the Florida Senate
Phone: 850-487-5100, (954) 847-3518, (561) 625-5101, or (866) 757-1902
FAX: (954) 847-3519, (561) 625-5103

E-mail: atwater.jeff.web@flsenate.gov

Senator Jeremy Ring, Chair Governmental Oversight and Accountability:
Urge that S1880 be put on the agenda for the week of April 5, 2010
Phone: (850) 487-5094 or (954) 917-1392
FAX: (954) 917-1394
E-mail: ring.jeremy.web@flsenate.gov

Other Talking Points:

* The bill ensures tax dollars are used to get Floridians back to work, not illegal workers.
* E-Verify has proven in about 15 states to be business-friendly, easy to use, accurate, free to use, low cost to administer, and effective.

Time is running short so take action ASAP. Successful enactment depends on YOUR ACTION!!