Nesquehoning is one of several communities in our area reportedly now considering some sort of local ordinance aimed at illegals.
July 28th Proposed ordinance suspended following advice from Solicitor.

Activist Instructions:

We need ALIPAC Activists to make calls, send letters, faxes, and e-mails to all members of the Nesquehoning Council asking them to please pass the ordinances to prevent illegal aliens from city employment and rental properties. You may want to share with them some articles about what other cities are doing and some of the problems and public attitudes (polls) about illegal immigration.


Dear Councilman _________:

I am calling/writing today to ask you to please follow the lead of Hazelton, PA and pass strict immigration enforcement measures in Nesquehoning as soon as possible. The federal government is not adequately securing our border or enforcing our existing immigration laws. I feel it is incumbent upon our states and cities to take action to protect communities from illegal immigration. Illegal immigration has many negative repercussions for our communities including depressed wages, increased health care costs, increased costs to taxpayers, increased crime, infectious diseases, and lost American jobs.

I hope you will stand with the vast majority of Americans that want our laws enforced and our communities and tax dollars protected from illegal aliens.

Please pass these ordinances as soon as possible. A majority of your constituents support this effort.

Thank You,

Contact Information:

Nesquehoning, PA

Mayor / Municipal Official

Tony Walck
114 W Catawissa St
Nesquehoning, PA 18240
Phone: (570) 669-9588

Contact: RoniSue Ahner
Position: Borough Secretary

Mayor Tony Walck (570) 669-9111
President Don DeMarco (570) 669-9569
Council Member Sal Digiglio (570) 669-6080
Council Member Frank Shubeck (570) 669-7009
Council Member Mark Stromelo (570) 669-6456
Council Member David Hawk (570) 669-6068
Council Member Frank Jacobs (570) 669-6647

No Website or email found

News Articles:

Communities Following Hazleton's Lead Nesquehoning

Nesquehoning: Carbon borough delays new law

Focus Campaigns Status:

July 28th Proposed ordinance suspended following advice from Solicitor.
Oct. 17th Searched for update and did not find one.