The resolution well be considered again on July 20th.

Use E-Verify "A resolution calling for the county government to participate in a federal program when it comes to new and existing vendor contractors, to ensure that all employees of those businesses are legally documented workers. "

These eight members, of the Oakland County, Michigan, Board Of Commisioners, G.G. Committee, are holding E-Verify hostage in committee.,,,,,,,

Oakland Board Of Commissioners

Bullard, Bill Jr.: District 2
Burns, Tim: District 19
Capello, Kim T.: District 9
Coleman, Eric: District 23
Coulter, David: District 25
Douglas, Sue Ann: District 12
Gershenson, Marcia: District 17
Gingell, Michael: District 3
Gosselin, Robert: District 13
Greimel, Tim: District 11
Hatchett, Mattie M.: District 10
Jackson, Janet: District 21
Jacobsen, Bradford C.: District 1
Long, Christine: District 7
McGillivray, Gary R.: District 24
Middleton, Thomas: District 4
Nash, Jim: District 15
Potter, Jeff: District 8
Potts, David W.: District 20
Runestad, Jim: District 6
Schwartz, Steven H.: District 14
Scott, John A.: District 5
Taub, Shelley G.: District 16
Woodward, Dave: District 18
Zack, Helaine: District 22