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    NC District 12, REPUBLICAN, Dr. Ada Fisher for CONGRESS

    Dr. Ada Fisher Illegal Immigration Stances Republican Candidate Campaign Congress US House

    Candidate name – Dr. Ada M. Fisher
    Name of Campaign Committee: Fisher for Congress 2006
    Mailing Address – P. O. Box 777
    Salisbury, NC 28144
    Phone Contact Information: 704-223-ADA1 (2321) or 704-637-6134
    Campaign E-mail and Web site/email address – or
    State and District: North Carolina 12th US Congressional District
    Political Party: Republican
    Candidate: Challenger
    Campaign Funds Raised as of the 3rd Quarter: $206,000 +
    Form Completed by Candidate
    Candidate Background Information:
    Full Bibliography on the website -
    Prior Experience: Rowan-Salisbury Board of Education; Preservation North Carolina; Rowan County Chamber of Commerce Board Member
    Relevant Experiences: VA Technical Advisory Group; Security Clearance and Training to
    Deal with Terrorism; Supervised or provided direct patient care for over 100,000 clients;
    Involved in creative ways to get NC businesses underway, e.g. and ideas
    Incorporated into Murdoch Enterprises Concord, NC development

    District Information

    Description of the 12th US Congressional District: (Taken from the website district description)
    A very diverse, cosmopolitan and in many ways eclectic district which is the states most urban, the North Carolina 12th Congressional District includes the counties of Cabarrus, Davidson, Forsyth, Guilford, Mecklenburg and Rowan. Since its inception, the boundaries of the 12th District have been tinkered with and challenged; however, the US Supreme Court in 2001 upheld their constitutionality and hopefully they will be stable until the 2010 census. Of the people in the area, the richness of its ethnic diversity (47% white/Caucasian, 45% black/African American, 7% Hispanic/Latino and 2% Asian) and economic enrichment reflect the bounty of opportunities, which are second to none.
    This area encompasses a world-class financial center housing the corporate offices of Bank of America and Wachovia. There are over ten colleges and universities within its boundaries including four Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Major work on fiber optics is being done and health care is the areas leading employer.

    Percentage of Democrat, Republican and Unaffiliated:
    The numbers initially reflected a decided democrat advantage but now reflects a registered voter percentage I am told of 60% Democratic, 30% Republican and 10% Unaffiliated; however the voting increasingly reflects a more balanced percentage of 55% Democrat, 35%

    2-Alipac Candidates Questions – Dr. Ada M. Fisher

    Republican and 10% other. As Republicans approach 35% of the voters, we may win these seats by pulling conservative Democrat and Independent votes.

    Survey Questions

    I believe illegal immigration can be reversed if we enforce our existing laws? 8

    As a member of Congress I will use the full force of my office to ensure the Executive Branch starts to enforce our existing immigration laws? 10

    Illegal Immigrants should be deported when detected in the interior of the US? 9-ideally an immigration court hearing for extenuating circumstances should be considered.

    Law abiding and legal American citizens should be required to accept biometric identification? 1

    I believe that local and state police should assist with immigration enforcement? 8

    Federal taxpayer funding to groups that support illegal immigration like La Raza should be stopped. 10-Their actions are in support of willful violations of the existing laws.

    I support “Comprehensive immigration reform” that would allow illegal aliens currently in the US to stay without fear of deportation as guest or temporary workers? 1-They are in violation of
    of the existing laws and have cut line in front of others who are waiting their turn.

    Illegal aliens should be allowed to leave the US and return quickly on a fast track as guest or temporary workers? 1

    Illegal Immigrants should be allowed to attend state sponsored universities at in state tuition rates? 1-Those legal students from the states are having trouble paying for college. Why would
    we give preference to those in the country in violation of existing laws? That act shows how
    little regard we have for the law.

    Employers that intentionally hire illegal aliens should be fined and or arrested depending on the severity. 3-If people would not hire illegal aliens part of this issue could be solved. We need to
    quit making it easy for businesses to break the law by enforcing the law against them as we would for any black male found simply stealing. Same difference.

    English should be the National language of America. 10-I will initiate language for a Constitutional Amendment making English the national language for all legal and publicly funded enterprises.

    I support the SPP Security and Prosperity Partnership and Agreements that combine the economies of America, Mexico and Canada. 1-No way.

    I believe the existing law that says aiding and abetting illegal aliens inside the US is a crime and should be enforced. 10

    Banks should be allowed to continue giving taxpayer backed home mortgages to illegal aliens? 1
    3-Alipac Candidates Questions – Dr. Ada M. Fisher

    Executive Branch orders to US Border Patrol to only “Catch and Release” illegal aliens at the border and not to speak to the media or Members of Congress should be rescinded? 10

    Congress should investigate why the Executive Branch of the United States is not enforcing our existing immigration laws, why all fines against employers had ceased by 2004, and why some actions of the Executive branch appear to be more in the interest of drug and human smugglers than the American public? 10-I will call for this and an investigation into why HUD has stood by while illegal aliens are hired in preference to blacks and other displayed New Orleanians in that city’s rebuilding efforts.

    Short Answer

    My campaign has unequivocally answered the question of illegal immigration:
    The May 1, 2006 North Carolina Conservative paper has my interview and has run two articles with my comments including Clash In Brown and Black and several other notations of my opposition to illegal immigration (which are also featured on my website). My website, has two sections which discuss the issue under issues and in the Fisher Rx Archives. This weeks Fisher Rx is a clip talking about the death and devastation currently being experienced due to illegal immigrant behavior. My campaign ads also hammer my opposition to
    Illegal immigration, which I perceive as the biggest threat to our internal domestic security.

    What do you feel your opponent’s stance of illegal immigration?
    I have described my opponent as an illegal aliens best friend. Congressman Melvin Watt has consistently stood against major efforts, which impact our ability to control illegal immigration. He “. . .has opposed deporting illegal aliens who have committed crimes as well as funding for border patrols.” (5/1/06 NC Conservative Newspaper, p.7) In addition, one of the hang ups in passing an extension of “The Voting Rights Act was Watt’s manipulations to allow people to vote in their native language and make accommodations to those not speaking English which burdens the system and cost more than this nation should have to bear.

    Have you been endorsed by or received contributions from any other immigration reform or illegal immigration reduction groups at this time?
    The Alamo Alliance made a short film clip which has my name on it describing the impact of illegal immigrants criminal behavior on this nation.

    Would you openly accept an endorsement and or contribution from ALIPAC?

    Candidate Pledge

    I, Dr. Ada M. Fisher, hereby pledge to stand with the American public to have the US Border secured and existing immigration laws enforced with the intention of reducing the number of illegal aliens entering and remaining in the US. I understand that the vast majority of Americans want the border secured, taxpayer benefits for illegal aliens ended, local police helping to enforce immigration laws, and employers that hire, aid and abet illegal aliens to be charged.

    Furthermore, I will not support any trade agreement or Executive Branch treaty that compromises our ability to enforce our existing immigration laws and threatens US sovereignty.

    4-Alipac Candidates Questions – Dr. Ada M. Fisher

    I will actively oppose any attempt to remove or replace the current laws that say illegal aliens are to be deported with a guest worker or temporary worker program that allows illegal aliens to stay or quickly return to the US.

    Ada M. Fisher, MD
    NC 12th US Congressional District
    Republican Candidate – website
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