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    mexico by the mountains

    Colorado House of Representatives District 1

    Friends - George Lilly is running for Colorado House of Represntatives District 1. This seat is currently held by Sanctuary city Diana Deggette. George is a self proffesed Ron Paul Republican.

    Check Georges website for his border integrity statements and other issues. He has signed the minuteman pledge to secure the border. He appears at functions alongside Tom T. While I dont speak for Mr T. Im sure he would speak well of conservative George.

    This is your Chance Denver Metro and others nationwide. No Deggette would be good for working people everywhere.

    ALIPAC please as George to your list of endorsments.

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    In Pennsylvania's 13th District we have (R)Marina Kats, a former LEGAL immigrant, running against (D)Allyson Schwartz. Schwartz is pro-illegal alien and must be voted out.

    Here is my email to Kats and the response from her campaign:

    As a former legal immigrant myself, from South America, what is your position about the illegal aliens already here? Do you support enforcement or rewarding them with legal status?

    Dear Xxxx,
    Thanks for contacting us on the website with your question. The short answer to your question is that Marina does not support amnesty to illegal immigrants already here. She is a strong supporter of secured border and LEGAL immigration. She believes it is counter productive to the rule of law to reward those breaking the law with benefits, while those wishing to immigrate legally, patiently wait to do so. Please visit our website at and check out the Issues link. There you will find more extensive information on Marina's thoughts on immigration and other matters of importance.
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    From my email

    Dear Mr.William Gheen
    Host, Last Americans Standing Show
    President, Americans for Legal Immigration PAC ALIPAC

    I am asking something of you which you and I are one and the same page.
    We want Representives in Government who will stand strong against the invasion
    of our beloved country by illegal aliens.

    This is why I am asking of your PAC a $ 5,000.00 contributiion for Conservative
    Republican Rosie Avila for U.S. Congress. She is running against Pro- illegal
    alien Democrat Loretta Sanchez of the 47 th District here in Orange County
    in So. Calif.

    Here is Rosie's e-mail and websites :
    websites : - see Rosie on the issues
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    Wa St. Eastern Conservative Side
    5th District Washington State. Cathy McMorris Rodgers...Numbers USA gives her a B. She just voted against the bailout, she voted for E-verify, and has been decent on immigration (with that B). For Washington State the next closest is a C, then a C-, couple of D's, and of course my two Senators get F's.
    She is a good Rep. I do not know anything about who is or isn't running against her. She does think we need some kind of reform though. You have to understand that Washington State has so much agricultural areas, that......
    Anyways, I am voting for her. Just sending on my thoughts for my district.

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    Royse City, Texas
    Yvonne Adams Schick running as a Libatarian for US Senate from Texas against the traitor John Cornyn.

    Yvonne Schick will fight for you as Texas' U.S. Senator
    Yvonne Schick is the Libertarian Party candidate for United States Senator from the state of Texas. Her energy and commitment are needed now in the U.S. Senate. If elected, Yvonne will work tirelessly to:

    End the interventionist war in Iraq and stay out of no-win nation building actions
    Let everyone keep more of the money they earn
    Secure our borders and end illegal immigration
    Eliminate the income tax and the IRS
    Stop run away spending that is bankrupting our country and making us increasingly dependent on China and Saudi Arabia
    Protect our privacy and stop any national ID card
    Restore our constitutional rights that have been trampled by the "Patriot Act"
    Stop the central banking policies that are causing the rapid increase in the cost of fuel and food
    End corporate welfare and bail out programs that protect businesses from the consequences of bad practices
    Never give up! Never surrender! Never compromise your values!*
    __________________________________________________ __

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    Here's the Wikipedia link to competitive House races. I don't know when it was last updated: ... redictions

    I'd certainly be willing to contribute funds to candidates that oppose amnesty, if ALIPAC identifies them.

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    Here are the most competitive races from Wikipedia, from what I've gleaned:

    AL-5 Cramer D retiring
    CT-4 Shays R
    KS-2 Boyda D
    LA-6 Cazayoux D
    MI-7 Walberg R
    MN-3 Ramstad R retiring
    NV-3 Porter R retiring
    NJ-3 Saxton R retiring
    NJ-7 Ferguson R retiring
    NM-1 Wilson R retiring
    OH-15 Pryce R retiring
    OH-16 Regula R retiring
    WA-8 Reichert R

    I cannot believe that there is not a single Democratic incumbent that appears to face any serious challenge. The analysts are likely partisan, or the analysis is outdated.

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    Re: Dean Heller is on our side

    Quote Originally Posted by Nightowl
    Nevada's 2nd congressional district in the U.S. House of Representatives. Please review for the list!
    I believe Smack was defeated in the primary, so the race is between Dean Heller (R) and Jill Derby (D).

    From the letters I've received from Heller, and the fact that he's a member of the House Immigration Reform Caucus started by Tancredo, I'm fairly certain he shares ALIPAC's views on illegal immigration. I suggest that ALIPAC endorse Heller.
    All that is necessary for evil to succeed is that good men do nothing. -Edmund Burke

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    I have the top rating from NumbersUSA for Immigration Reform, I am a member of this site and am adamant about border security and saving American jobs. I sure hope and pray to get this site's endorsement. We are working hard and getting media attention, been included in the debates. An endorsement from this site would really help our campaign.

    Thank You,

    Dan Frank

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    Here are 3 in Oklahoma running for congress. i have researched them and they all seem to side with us. You may want to look into them.
    John Sullivan ( R ) district 1 Oklahoma
    Dan Boren (d) district 2 “
    Mary fallen ( R ) district 5 “
    I'll keep my God, my freedom, my guns, and my money. You can keep THE CHANGE. jimster

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