ALIPAC Endorsed Candidate for Congress

ALIPAC's 2010 Candidate Survey

Name of Candidate: Anna C. Little

Name of Campaign Committee: Anna C. Little for Congress, Inc.

Mailing Address: PO BOX 382, Highlands, NJ 07732

Phone Contact Information:732 216 4771

Campaign E-mail and website:

State and District: NJ 6

Political Party: Republican

Is the candidate (Incumbent, Challenger, Open Seat): Challenger

Incumbents only: What is your career grade at ?

Campaign Funds Raised as of most recent reporting cycle: $67,564.32

This form completed by (Candidate and Campaign Managers Only): *Candidateand Campaign Manager participated in completing this form.*

Candidate Background Information:

*Anna is married to Rob Little and they have three terrific kids. She is
currently the **Mayor of Highlands Borough** in Monmouth County, a former County Freeholder** and successful **Immigration Attorney** who understands the critical nature of protecting our nation’s borders. *

Top Campaign Issues:

*Reduce the Federal Tax burden on working families and small businesses

*Reduce the size and scope of the federal bureaucracy and restore a
government that is accountable to the citizens

*Repeal the ‘debt exploding’ and unpopular Health Care bill championed by Anna’s opponent who renamed the bill “Pallone-Care