Name of Candidate: Larry Kissell
Name of Campaign Committee: Kissell for Congress
Mailing Address: PO Box 1530, Biscoe NC 27209
Phone Contact Information: 910-428-4048
Campaign E-mail and website:,
State and District: NC-08
Political Party: Democrat
Is the candidate (Incumbent, Challenger, Open Seat): Incumbent

Incumbents only: What is your career grade at

A –

Campaign Funds Raised as of most recent reporting cycle: $1,200,000.00

This form completed by (candidate and campaign managers Only): Larry Kissell

Candidate Background Information

Top Campaign Issues: Getting our economy back on track by revitalizing American manufacturing, getting government off our backs and ending their reckless regulations, protecting our seniors and veterans and securing our borders and ending the bleeding of American jobs to foreign nation and foreign criminals.

Are the issues of illegal immigration and Amnesty addressed on your campaign website? If so, please provide us with a link. Yes. There are links to legislation I’ve cosponsored, as well as news coverage of my trip to the border on September 11th. Larry Kissell for Congress | Kissell tours border

Is your campaign using any commercials or direct mail to address illegal immigration? If so, please provide links to examples. Not at the moment.

Education, Awards & Honors:
Wake Forest University, Economics ’73. Endorsed by the NRA. A- Career rating from NumbersUSA.

District Information

Please give a brief description of your district: 12 counties in South central North Carolina, including all or parts of Anson, Cabarrus, Davidson, Mecklenburg, Montgomery, Randolph, Richmond, Robeson, Rowan, Scotland, Stanly and Union counties.

Percentage of Democratic, Republican, and Unaffiliated Voters: 46% Democrat, 33% Republican, 21% Unaffiliated

10 Survey Questions

(Please describe your beliefs on the following with a number 1-10 or with the response Undecided (1=Strongly Disagree, 2-4=Disagree, 5=Neutral, 6-9 Agree, 10=Strongly Agree)

1. If elected/reelected to Congress I will stop Obama's Department of Justice lawsuits against states like Arizona, South Carolina, and Alabama that are trying to stop illegal immigration with state legislation. (1-10)

10 – States and localities should not be penalized for attempting to uphold our constitution in any area where the federal government has failed. When the federal government fails or refuses to act, states should not be penalized for attempting to address these issues themselves. While many policies may not be perfect, the federal government should be working with states attempting to tackle difficult issues, not sue them in court.

2. As a member of Congress I will use the full power of my office, including impeachment if necessary, to ensure the Executive Branch starts to enforce our existing border and immigration laws. (1-10)

10 - In order to curb the ever increasing number of individuals who are illegally coming to America, and North Carolina, I think that we must first and foremost immediately secure our borders. Until our borders are secure, any talk of national immigration policy reform is simply rhetoric.

3. Illegal Immigrants should be deported when detected in the interior of the US. (1-10)

10 – United States laws regarding illegal immigration should be strictly enforced. Illegal immigrants have no legal right to be in this country and should be deported upon detection. I support giving law enforcement the tools and resources they need, like border relief grants for local law enforcement agencies surrounding our border.

4. I will oppose any form of Amnesty or path to citizenship for illegal immigrants currently in the US because allowing them to become voters would destroy future immigration enforcement efforts. (1-10)

10 - I oppose amnesty and strongly believe that it is wrong to ignore securing our border while placing these individuals on a path to citizenship ahead of those who have tried to immigrate to America through legal means. Those in our country illegally should not jump to the front of the line to apply for citizenship before those who have followed our laws and are here legally.

5. If I am elected/reelected to office, I will use the full power of my office to end Obama's prosecutor discretion Amnesty for illegal aliens that was decried via Executive memo and designed to bypass the Congress and the current immigration laws of the United States. (1-10)

10 - I voted "No" on the DREAM Act in the 111th Congress and I oppose the Obama administration’s attempt to enforce prosecutorial discretion to allow illegal immigrants to escape the law. This attempt to bypass Congress is unacceptable.

6. I support Comprehensive Immigration ENFORCEMENT of America's popularly supported existing immigration and border laws, which will reverse illegal immigration in America. (1-10)

10 - Many laws against allowing illegal immigrants into our country or employing them once they are here are already on the books but have not been enforced by the federal government strongly enough. To ensure the federal government upholds its constitutional obligation to protect our borders, I am proud to cosponsor of H.R. 1091, the Unlawful Border Entry Prevention Act of 2011, which will help secure the border by extending the border fence and forces the Department of Homeland Security to act by creating a plan to obtain operational control of the border.

7. I believe that illegal immigration constitutes a form of invasion that all states should be protected against according to Article IV. Section 4 the US Constitution. (1-10)

10 - Article IV. Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution provides every state in the Union shall be protected from invasion by the federal government, including such illegal failures of the federal government.

8. If elected/reelected to office, I will use the full power of my office to assure all federal employees and elected officials involved with the Gunwalker Fast and Furious Scandal face justice through criminal trials even if the investigation continues to suggest that employees and officials in the White House were involved. (1-10)

10 – Criminal misconduct should not be tolerated anywhere in our government. I voted in support of holding Attorney General Holder in contempt of Congress for failing to disclose to congressional investigators Department of Justice documents subpoenaed in the Fast and Furious investigation.

9. I oppose any non-emergency taxpayer benefits for illegal aliens, including welfare, food stamps, licenses, and in-state tuition subsidies. (1-10)

10 – These benefits were intended for legal American citizens. Period.

10. I believe that employers who intentionally hire illegal aliens should be heavily fined. (1-10)

10 – I am a proud cosponsor of H.R. 200, Secure America through Verification and Enforcement (SAVE) Act that makes the E-Verify program permanent and mandatory to provide instant employment eligibility and Social Security information verification for employers. I am a proud cosponsor of H.R. 483, the Electronic Employment Eligibility Verification and Illegal Immigration Control Act which fines any entity that knowingly employs illegal immigrants, up to $50,000 per hire for those that display a pattern of lawbreaking.

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