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Thread: ALIPAC's Certified Letter to Twitter Executives

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    ALIPAC's Certified Letter to Twitter Executives

    Twitter Executives:

    This letter is to inform you that our 12-page report to Congress and the US media regarding Silicon Valley censorship, which includes detailed information about our problems with Twitter, has now been submitted into the Congressional Record on October 10, 2018.

    We hope that you will now honor our request to remove any shadow bans, censorship, or unequal products and services being applied to us on Twitter account @ALIPAC (ALIPAC, William Gheen, Americans for Legal Immigration) and our websites (,, and due to our political stances against illegal immigration and Amnesty legislation which your company supports in DC.

    We are detailing each issue below for your review and correction.

    Americans for Legal Immigration PAC has built and maintains the world's largest archive of articles and information about "illegal immigration" at our primary website

    ALIPAC is a racially inclusive, non-violent, political activism organization with the highest levels of free speech protections under American laws. We decry racism, and our publicly stated mission is to unify Americans of all races, genders, and walks of life against illegal immigration.

    If your restrictions and censorship are the result of false claims by Soros backed left-wing organizations, please contact us for the truth.

    We are including a full copy of our 12-page report with this certified letter and you can access our full report online at--

    Item 1:
    Please verify the Twitter account @ALIPAC for William Gheen with the blue verification check mark afforded to all of the pro-Amnesty groups that support your company's positions on immigration issues. Our request for verification has been denied six times although we meet all of Twitter's stated criteria for inclusion as a verified account.

    Item 2:
    Please remove the shadow ban or suppression tools applied to our Twitter account @ALIPAC. We have compared our response rate to other accounts with 26,000 followers (as our account has) and can tell that our visibility and reach is being restricted by Twitter, most likely because of our political stances against illegal immigration and Amnesty bills, or perhaps based on some false information you've been fed by a leftist Soros backed group. Twitter should not violate our civil rights and provide us with unequal products and services based on our political creed. Please put our account on even par with our opposition groups on the left because we deserve a fair and balanced field.

    Item 3:
    Please remove the "hate speech" block preventing us from boosting our posts with ads which was put on our account @ALIPAC because some of your employees did not like our image memes asking Americans to call Congress to oppose the Amnesty bills in Washington. Our posts against this legislation and our jubilation at the defeat of these bills in Congress are not "hate speech," and your penalty stopping our ads and ability to run ads could only be based on the Twitter corporation, leadership, and employees supporting legislation we oppose. It is completely unfair for a large influential corporation like Twitter to violate or abridge the civil rights of Americans like us in an effort to affect the outcome of legislation and elections.

    We hope that Twitter executives will research and correct these problems and abuses of our national organization and all those we represent immediately now that these documented issues have been entered into the Congressional Record.

    Please contact us if you have any questions or recommendations on how our organization can better utilize Twitter to reach out to like minded Americans we seek to inform and organize.

    William Gheen
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