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    KGUN, Channel 9, Tuscon: Brian Terry Page

    Border Patrol agent shot, killed near Rio Rico
    Posted December 15, 2010 ... n-arizona/

    Border Patrol Agent Killed in Southern Arizona
    Posted December 15, 2010 ... z18CDWBiuG

    Border agent killed: bandits to blame?
    Posted December 16, 2010

    Manhunt continues in Border Patrol agent's slaying
    Posted December 16, 2010 ... z18IOX6H34

    AZ: Douglas, Rio Rico residents react to agent's murder
    Posted December 16, 2010

    Slain Agent known as Cop's Cop
    Posted December 16, 2010 ... z18IOMFZY7

    Murdered Border agent's blood on the hands of politicians, b
    Posted December 16, 2010 ... ureaucrats

    Sheriffs: Agents death shows need for more Federal help
    Posted December 17, 2010

    Border Agent Brian Terry murder investigation continues
    Posted December 17, 2010

    Sheriff fights snub as feds hunt in border agent's slaying
    Posted December 17, 2010

    Border Patrol agent killed by Washington's inaction
    Posted December 17, 2010 ... ary_d.html
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    Janet Napolitano confirms bandit gang killed border agent in
    Posted December 18, 2010 ... illed.html

    Rubber Bullets for Agent Terry
    Posted December 18, 2010 ... gent-terry

    Napolitano visits Arizona-Mexico border: Border violence by
    (after Terry's death)
    Posted December 18, 2010

    Tancredo excoriates Napolitano over Mexican drug smugglers
    Posted December 18, 2010

    Border Patrol agent had a life full of plans
    Posted December 19, 2010 ... 03286.html

    Agent's death a reminder of U.S.-Mexican border violence
    Posted December 20, 2010 ... 1_ST_N.htm

    Mourners pay respects at visitation service for Agent Terry
    Posted December 21, 2010

    Congressman Says Shooting Death Of Patrol Agent Sheds Light
    Posted December 21, 2010 ... 12_21_PLA_[PIZ5210B]&rrid=238434262

    VIDEO: Brian Terry's Body Arrives at Detroit Airport
    Posted December 21, 2010

    'Rip crews' patrolling the desert to steal from smugglers
    Posted December 21, 2010

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    Border Agent BRIAN TERRY Laid to Rest Today
    Posted December 22, 2010 ... t-funeral/

    Napolitano Scolds Reporter About Terry Family Compaints
    Posted December 23, 2010 ... ts-family/

    Hundreds Attend Funeral Service for Border Agent Terry
    Posted December 23, 2010 ... 01222-wpms

    Terry family prepares for agent's funeral, and rips Obama
    Posted December 24, 2010

    DHS boss Napolitano addresses criticisms from Terry family
    Posted December 24, 2010

    AZ: KGUN9 viewers debate Napolitano interview
    Posted December 24, 2010

    Agent Terry: Who was Given priority?
    Posted December 26, 2010

    Bean bags vs. AK-47s, Napolitiano should resign.
    Posted December 27, 2010

    Atty: BRIAN TERRY Killers are not US Citizens
    Posted December 29, 2010

    No charges yet in slaying of US agent
    Posted December 30, 2010 ... 7993d.html

    Captured Illegal alien in agent murder has rap sheet
    Posted December 30, 2010 ... -rap-sheet

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    TEXAS - The Lone Star State
    BRIAN TERRY MURDER:: FBI Defends its Secrecy
    Posted January 2, 2011

    The truth about DHS politics and BP Agent Brian Terry
    Posted January 4, 2011 ... iego%29%29

    BRIAN TERRY: Slain agent's family still looking for answers
    Posted January 5, 2011

    Feds confirm fifth man in custody in border agent's killing
    Posted January 5, 2011 ... ml?print=1

    2 more arrested after BP agent's death (Total 6)
    Posted January 5, 2011 ... %27s-death

    BP Agent Terry's murder. Is this bogus?
    Posted January 6, 2011 ... rian-terry

    AZ: More attention urged for border agent's killing in Arizona
    Posted January 20, 2011 ... 4792.story

    U.S. border official vows to 'finish the job' started by slain
    Posted January 22, 2011 ... 7900.story

    BRIAN TERRY: Did ATF Smuggled Gun Kill Agent?
    Posted January 23, 2011

    **added to this reply: Senator examines claim that 2 guns from ATF-sanctioned sales were used in border shootout** ... -gunwalker

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    U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley's Two Letters to ATF

    January 27, 2011

    January 31, 2011

    AZ. gun store, ATF sting linked to border agent's death
    Posted February 1, 2011 ... z1CjOTPBAR

    BRIAN TERRY: Feds Secrecy, BP Union Responds
    Posted February 4, 2011 ... ian-terry/

    Death in the Desert: Project Gunwalker and the ATF Cover-Up
    Posted February 4, 2011 ... ct_gu.html

    U.S. Senator to ATF: Negligent in Death of Border Patrol Agent
    Posted February 6, 2011 ... rol-agent/

    Is the Govt. Covering Something up in Terry Murder
    Posted February 7, 2011 ... nce-002459

    The Murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry - Is the Government Covering Something Up with its Silence?
    Posted: Mon Feb 07, 2011 ... nce-002459

    BRIAN TERRY INVESTIGATION: DOJ denies border shootout claim
    February 8, 2011 ... 002e0.html

    Project Gunwalker’ allegations bolstered by indictments
    February 8, 2011 ... z1DMY0lPVV

    Sen. Grassley: Time For ATF To Come Clean
    February 10, 2011 ... _to_c.html

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    Agent Terry's murder: 3 suspects arrested will not be charge
    February 14, 2011

    Sen. Grassley probes border agent slaying
    February 15, 2011 ... t-slaying/

    "It's like it never happened" Terry family on agent
    February 17, 2011

    3 Immigrants Cleared In Border Agent's Shooting
    February 19, 2011 ... rylink=rss#ixzz1ET1W1PDP

    Gunrunning scandal uncovered at the ATF - CBS
    February 23, 2011 ... rPromoArea
    CBSNews Video:

    Trial date moved back for man arrested night of agent shooting
    February 23, 2011 ... 002e0.html

    America’s Third War: Agent Brian Terry, A Policy of Silence
    February 24, 2011 ... z1EtdJMrFc

    BRIAN TERRY: Agents Fired First, With Bean Bags
    February 28, 2011

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    TEXAS - The Lone Star State
    BRIAN TERRY: Single shot killed border agent
    March 3, 2011 ... b8a31.html

    BRIAN TERRY Murder: The Real Shooter may Have Gotten Away
    March 3, 2011

    AZ: Sheriff Estrada: Peck Canyon quiet after Terry shooting
    March 3, 2011

    BPA Terry Was FORCED TO USE BEANBAGS Against Armed Mexican
    March 3, 2011 ... shot-dead/
    CBSNews Video:

    Agent: I was ordered to let U.S. guns into Mexico...
    March 3, 2011 ... 9031.shtml

    Federal agent: I was ordered to let U.S. guns into Mexico
    March 04, 2011 ... redPost-PE
    CBSNews Video:

    Border Agents Forced to Face Down Bullets With Bean Bags
    March 4, 2011 ... z1FflhL4fT
    FoxNews Video: Kelly Interviews Terry's Brother: ... rder-agent
    Now Posted on Youtube

    BRIAN TERRY:Bullet that killed went in back, traveled upward
    March 4, 2011 ... 002e0.html

    DOJ Official to Probe Anti-Gun Efforts on Border
    March 04, 2011 ... ts-border/

    ATF Mexican gun-smuggling sting scrutinized
    March 5, 2011 ... rutinized/

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    TEXAS - The Lone Star State
    Brian Terry's father: "My son was set up"
    March 5, 2011

    Tom Tancredo: 3 headlines, 2 bombshells and 1 big lie
    March 5, 2011

    CBS News lead story--ATF whistleblower alleges deep corruption
    March 7, 2011 ... z1FxozHDpS

    ATF/DOJ gun running scandal becomes 'international incident'
    March 7, 2011 ... z1FxoBxtgY

    Mexico has formally asked the U.S. details of ATF operation
    March 7, 2011
    http://sipseystreetirregulars.blogspot. ... mally.html

    Documents Point to ATF 'Gun-Running since 2008
    March 8, 2011 ... 0803.shtml

    BRAIN TERRY: Napolitano Defends Questionable DHS Policy
    March 9, 2011 ... misinforma

    ATF, DOJ Launch Damage Control Over "Gunrunner"
    March 9, 2011 ... al-border/
    FoxNews Video:

    Grassley Seeks to Remove Justice Dept. Watchdog
    March 9, 2011 ... stigation/

    NUGENT: Outgunned is a choice
    March 9, 2011 ... ce/?page=1

    ATF's tactics to end gun trafficking face a federal review
    March 10, 2011 ... 01985.html

    Holder to Hutchinson: 'Gunwalking' is wrong
    March 10, 2011 ... ?tag=stack

    House seeks answers from Holder on "Gunwalking"
    March 10, 2011 ... tag=latest

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    Phoenix ATF reportedly retaliating against 'Project Gunwalker whistleblower

    Video: BATFE 'Project Gunwalker' ... r_embedded

    Gun Dealer 'ATF Approved Sales to Mexican Gun Runners' ... re=related

    CCRKBA Lauds Holder Decision To ‘Follow Our Suggestion’ & Investigate the ATF ... te-the-atf

    CBS News: More on Project Gunrunner
    Video: ... r_embedded

    ATF Project Gunrunner Nets 16 Guns ... not-shown/

    Mexico queries US gun smuggling operation

    Border Patrol Agent's Death Linked to ATF Scandal (Project Gunrunner)
    Video: ... r_embedded

    Project Gunwalker: ATF Scandal Unfolding; Gunrunner; Mexican drug Cartels; BATFE
    Video: ... re=related
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    As some in media pick up on ‘Gunwalker,’ others remain (intentionally?) clueless.
    Posted: Wed Mar 09, 2011 ... y-clueless

    Posted: Wed Mar 09, 2011
    AK47s vs. bean bags in border drug wars
    Newly-released court documents give details in the murder of AFT agent Brian Terry ... ?tag=stack

    The official spin begins on ATF/DOJ gun smuggling scandal
    Posted: Wed Mar 09, 2011 ... ng-scandal

    DHS Chief Napolitano says she was not aware of agency's link to ATF "gun running"
    Posted: Wed Mar 09, 2011 ... atestRight

    Republicans Want Answers on ATF Gun Trafficking Program
    Posted: Thu Mar 10, 2011

    ATF memo after CBS report: We need positive press
    Sun Mar 13, 2011 ... 91695.html
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