illegal immigration

Illegal Immigration and illegal immigrant are terms that have recently come under severe attack by the Associated Press and other groups and publications that seek to destroy the terms. These authoritarians hope to control minds and beliefs by dictating what language people can and cannot use in America.

Sure, you can still say the words illegal alien or illegal immigrant, but the Associated Press will no longer carry articles by journalists who refuse to adhere to their 'Newspeak' dictates in the AP 'Style Book'.

Illegal immigration, illegal immigrant, and illegal aliens are the predominant terms that most Americans and lawmakers use to describe people who are in America but should not be.

Half of America's illegal immigrants overstay their visas, demonstrating to us all that they are not trustworthy. The other half of the illegal immigration invasion of America are people who paid the murderous drug and illegal immigrant smuggling gangs and cartels thousands of dollars to sneak them into America under cover of darkness, while evading our law enforcement agents!

If you are planning to call the Department of Homeland Security to report illegals, report illegal immigrants, or report illegal aliens then we have to warn you the chances are less than 1% they will respond to your call for help. Even if you have solid evidence of a company hiring illegals, our Homeland Security Department under Barack Obama and Janet Napolitano is more interested in helping illegals instead of you! Barack Obama is supporting illegal immigration and amnesty for illegals!

Numerous scientific polls show us the true facts and statistics about illegal immigration. These polls and surveys show us that large majorities of Americans want our borders secured and existing immigration laws enforced instead of any form of Amnesty that would only encourage more illegal immigration.

Despite these facts and statistics, our American lawmakers and government refuse to protect our states and innocent citizens from this deadly and destructive illegal immigration invasion!

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William Gheen
President of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC