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    I pray this gains momentum and passes! I know Menendez, Lautenberg and Corzine will do all they can to stop this, as they pander to illegals.

    I have relatives in NJ who have been screaming for something to be done about the illegals, to no avail, for years. This is the FIRST time I've heard of any legislator from NJ who is taking a stand against illegal aliens..BRAVO! I emailed thanking the Senator and my relatives have started passing on the news!

    Thank you!
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    Immigration crackdown
    Bill targets businesses that hire illegal workers

    Sunday, February 17, 2008
    By Trish G. Graber
    The Express-Times

    TRENTON | A top state Democrat plans to introduce legislation that would penalize New Jersey businesses that knowingly hire illegal immigrants.

    Senate Majority Leader Stephen Sweeney said his proposal is aimed at companies that provide opportunities for illegal immigrants to "undermine family, educational and health care support systems."

    "Companies that knowingly hire illegals are destroying job opportunities for the working men and women of New Jersey," said Sweeney, D-Gloucester. "The practice has to be stopped."

    The law would require New Jersey businesses to verify the legal status of their employees. Businesses in violation of the law would face a 10-day suspension of their business license for the first offense and permanent revocation for the second.

    If passed, New Jersey would become the second state in the nation behind Arizona to enact this type of legislation.

    A U.S. District Court judge recently upheld the Arizona law, rejecting claims that it assumed the federal government's right to regulate immigration.

    Immigration advocates, however, said Friday that enacting an authorization system in New Jersey would be a mistake. They said it would only penalize illegal immigrants.

    "It's taking us down a really dangerous path in creating deep division in our communities," said Amy Gottlieb, director of the Immigrant Rights Program at the Newark-based American Friends Service Committee. "It always comes back to the need for immigration reform at the federal level."

    Shai Goldstein, New Jersey Immigration Policy Network executive director, said he would welcome a debate about policy issues with Sweeney but declined comment on the proposal without seeing the legislation.

    "There's also a blue ribbon panel that Gov. (Jon) Corzine has and I would trust that (it) would also review the bill," Goldstein said.

    Corzine formed the panel last year to make recommendations for integrating illegal immigrants.

    Nineteen states enacted 33 immigration-related employment laws in 2007, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. Some of those disallow tax deductions for unauthorized workers. Others disallow workers compensation and unemployment insurance for illegal immigrants.

    Sweeney said his proposal is not directed at illegal immigrants, but employers who circumvent the system.

    "They're cheating the system and driving the cost up for everywhere else," he said.

    The legislation is expected to be introduced this week with the intent for it to take effect by year's end.
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    I'll be calling and writing letters to the Senator and any of the other co-sponsors of this legislation starting on Tuesday. I hope Lou does a segment on shows that illegal immigration is a concern on both sides of the political spectrum....unfortunately the elites in both parties have chosen to ignore this for far too long and just recently a few courageous leaders in the state legislatures have started really tackling this issue on behalf of their states and constituents.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CCUSA
    Thanks UB, PhredE, legalatina, SOSADFORUS AND EVERYONE else who takes time to write to NJ legislature!

    This is really could be groundbreaking news!!

    Your welcome CCUSA we all in this together
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