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    Narrative History of NASCO Website Changes

    NASCO project also refers to the NAFTA Super Highway.

    This is a narrative history of the NASCO Corridor Website. This site has constantly undergone revision as its purpose has been leaked out. When it was created in October 2005, in conjunction with the Amnesty push, the organization felt it had nothing to hide. So it laid out rather boldly an example of its planned expansion. This included the infamous ocrridor from Mexico to Winnepeg. Many Rhino Republicans came to a furious protectionist rage claiming that no such plan existed. It's evidence caused many Americans to discover a great deal of the larger plan for NAFTA expansion into a so-called North American Union. This NASCO super highway is a critical piece of the NAFTA expansion.

    Here is a screenshot of the website in October 2005:

    The website arrogantly updated news information that helped citizens to better track its connections and organizational affiliations. The website even went so far as to mention legislations laid out in its favor. On Jan 12th 2006, the website receieved an update which included a link to "Hemispheria 2006 Winnipeg" an event that was cancelled due to massive security costs.

    Here is the wesbite screenshot January 12th 2006:

    Here is the Manitoba Gov Press release email in HTML form:

    The site also mentioned information about its inland port in Kansas City here:

    Along the Corridor - September, 2005

    Kansas City SmartPort Receives Federal Funding

    The Federal Highway Bill, called SAFETEA-LU was approved by the Senate and Congress on July 29, 2005. The total package for transportation improvements amounted to $286.5 billion. This five year funding will be used for highways, bridges, and mass transit and safety projects in the United States. Kansas City SmartPort received $4 million which will be used to create Intelligent Transportation Systems and highway corridor projects.

    In addition, Senator Talent secured a U.S. Department of Commerce earmark for Kansas City SmartPort in the amount of $500,000 to further develop Kansas City as an inland port capable of processing a greater volume of international trade. In order to achieve this goal SmartPort will partner with Kansas City Area organizations to promote increased exports to Mexico and Central America. Other activities will include marketing the new Mexican Customs Facility and developing strategic alliances with several southern U.S. ports to ensure the efficient flow of products to and from Mexico and Central America.

    Kansas City SmartPort ITS Projects Moving Forward

    SmartPort and SAIC / TransCore have finished the user requirement document and the systems architecture plan for an intelligent transportation system for the greater KC area. The ITS system under consideration will have a central data and control center in the KC market and ITS technology employed along trade and transportation corridors bringing freight to and from the KC market. SAIC / TransCore will focus on the LA/Long Beach - Pacific Northwest corridor to Kansas City in partnership with the BNSF Railroad.

    SmartPort recently engaged B.V. Solutions Group to begin ITS testing on the KC / Mexico corridor. This project will tie into the LC-KC Transportation corridor for freight coming to the U.S. from Asia and the Mexican Customs facility in KC for Midwest exports to Mexico. B.V.S.G. will partner with Kansas City Southern and several trucking companies on this corridor.
    The page that hosted this information was replaced. Here it is for archival purposes. Note that near the bottom of the page you will notice that the NASCO group was having some problems with Texas legislation moving in their favor.:

    By July 6th 2006 public outcry was beginning to make its way to the surface and a couple of news outlets made mention of the secret expansionist plans. Illegal Alien Mexicans were conducting open violent protests in the United States, partly emboldened by anti-sovereign campaigns like NASCO and the promise of amnesty. This had become infuriating to the NASCO members and forced them to change position from a backdoor globalist business club, to a defensive opportunistic shadow corporation who now had to hire PR and spinster lobbyists to promote their "cause." Notice in this webshot from July 6th 2006, that they have added a special note on the left and a link to "myths debunked."

    Not a blueprint? The obvious lie here is that they mention that the roads exist today, but they had been pushing for legilation to EXPAND the road systems and were runing into snags! They pretended that noone noticed the push for expanding the highways and creating a special lane for truck traffic (contracted to a Spanish company)? At this point the spin was being handled by angry corpratists and as we will see in the next change found some silly results.

    By looking at the screenshot below, one can easily extrapolate the results of their consultant meetings by looking at the intentionally propagandistic remade graphic. They actually thought that by simply changing the map image they had on their webpage, they could simply change folks minds. Luckily the facts about NASCO had made their way to the surface. But lets us imagine this conversation with the consultants:

    ANGRY CORPORATE GUY: We got an image problem. People know about our expansion.
    CONSULTANT ONE: Image yes, yes. People are seeing the image and the arrows look big. They don't like the expansion thingy.
    ANGRY CORPORATE GUY: How do we change that perception?
    CONSULTANT TWO: Well the plan hasn't changed. Let's redraw the map and make the corridor look smaller.
    CONSULTANT ONE: Yes smaller arrows!
    ANGRY COPORATE GUY: Ha yes. This will make them forget about eminent domain and corridor expansion projects.
    CONSULTANT TWO: ...and we'll shrink the corridor road lines to give it a less imposing feel.
    CONSULTANT INTERN: You are a genius!

    They then adopted a campaign to deny expansion tactics and even project the project as environmentally friendly.

    Here is the new and improved screenshot from September 2nd 2006 (notice the arrow colors and the comical 'you build it' "idea"):

    Jerome Corsi, Glenn Beck, Lou Dobbs and several others had begun to report on the story.
    Here are the hansle law office Nasco documents:

    But lets not forget some of the NAU related events which had occured in 2005, that later prompted legislation limiting NASCO Super Highway expansion and NAU and SPP involvement:

    *March 2005—The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), founded in 1921 to eliminate national identities and boundaries and centralize government power into a single global authority, publishes a report titled Creating a North American Community, which calls for the "legal, orderly, and safe movement of people and products" between the U.S., Mexico, and Canada by the year 2010. ... unity.html

    * March 10, 2005—CFR member Condoleezza Rice meets with Mexico’s Foreign Secretary Luis Ernesto Derbez in Mexico City, where they discuss "hemispheric integration."

    * March 23, 2005—President Bush meets with Mexican President Vicente Fox and Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin in Waco, Texas, where they agree to the "Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America" (SPP). Following the meeting, they hold a news conference and talk about broad goals of improving "security" and "prosperity" but provide little detail about the partnership. ... n-marriage ... 323-5.html

    * May 2005—The CFR publishes a report titled Building a North American Community. It states that Bush, Fox, and Martin "committed their governments" to integrating the three countries and allowing for the free movement of people when they adopted the SPP in Waco and assigned "working groups" to fill in the details. (The SPP is the North American Union. I believe Chertoff, Gutierrez, and Rice were assigned to head the U.S. working groups. Interestingly, the three "diplomats" were appointed to their Cabinet posts in early 2005.) The CFR report calls for the "establishment by 2010 of a North American economic and security community" with a common "outer security perimeter." (This common security perimeter is part of the latest amnesty scheme, introduced by Reps. Jeff Flake and Luis Gutierrez on March 22, as VDARE.COM columnist Juan Mann explained.) The CFR report calls for many radical actions, such as allowing Mexican trucks unlimited access throughout the U.S., which became official on February 23, 2007, with a U.S. Department of Transportation announcement quoting Chertoff and Commerce Secretary Gutierrez.

    * June 23, 2005—The U.S. Supreme Court ruled 5 to 4 that state and local governments could use eminent domain to take private property against the owners' will for use in private development. (This ruling makes it possible for the government to take millions of acres of land to build the massive "NAFTA Superhighway" system connecting Mexico, the U.S., and Canada, which will speed up the unification of North America. The first plank of the Communist Manifesto is the abolition of private property for conversion to the state for the good of the state. Ironically, most of the 10 planks are already in place in America.) ... festo.html

    * June 30, 2005—The U.S. Senate approves the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA), by a vote of 54-45, with one senator not voting.

    * July 28, 2005—The U.S. House of Representatives defeats CAFTA by a vote of 180 to 175, with dozens of members undeclared. The House leadership breaks House rules by keeping the voting open. Bush, Vice President and CFR member Dick Cheney, CFR member Rice, and others from the administration make a rare appearance on Capitol Hill to twist Republican arms. Just after midnight, CAFTA passes by a razor-slim margin of 217-215. (Soon after CAFTA was passed, American corporations began outsourcing production to Central America.) ... 01195.html

    Besides all of the logistical problems involved with this thing, there is a simple principle at play which is that infrastructure dictates culture and I firmly believe that this can easily be a nation killer.

    The NAU and NASCO thing has become so troublesome for local governements that many have begun to take up as many measures as possible to defeat the NAU/SPP expansion proposals.

    Montana just introduced this:

    By July 2007 it was determined that a lying campaign would not be beneficial and was proving costly and dysfunctional. There was too much evidence presented that contradicted the image (no pun intended) that they were representing, especially on their website. It was decided by the "brilliant" consultant spinsters to get rid of the map! Yes that's right, if they got rid of the map then noone would think of expansion would they? So they have adopted their current configuration of trade propaganda images. As if we are all stupid monkeys. I am hoping that this serves to archive and demonstrate the intentional changes to their website. They have proven that they are in pursuit of an image cleanup and are hoping that newcomers who stumble upon the NASCO Corridor NAFTA Super Highway debacle will check their website and see nothing of the sort. No indication that there is some super highway...Well, again they underestimate Americans and simply changing a marketing tactic does nothing to erase the underhanded nature of NASCO. Now they have no map and have resorted to a fear based sell.

    Here is their current website:

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    Please add updates if you ntoice changes and the like.

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    There's definitely a plan to plug Colorado into this:

    They haven't broken ground yet, but the sign's been up for a couple of years now. It'll be between Watkins and Bennett on I-70.

    They also link to this site:

    For many supporters, the main motive may be cash and cachet, not political, but that is how ordinary people have been sold down river since time began.
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    My problem with the highway is on many levels. We can easily see how it is tied to integration. What they also know is that worldwide ALL civilizations began around trade routes and at trading ports along these routes. This is true with any geography, anywhere on the planet. The silk route is a great early example. The sole prupose of this ruote is to allow the landing of Chinese goods away from American ports, load them onto lines with slave labor instead of American labor. Its funny the unionis support illegal immigration, they truly are shooting themsleves in the foot. These US ports are an irritant of global coprs. But the result wll be a sovereignty destroying trade route that will facilitate an EU style system in North America.

    You can track the NASCO projects worries via their web changes graphically. They have gone from bold and brazen to passive agressive.

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    great job taking all of those screenshots and sleuthing them.

    This is the most dishonest plan EVER.

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    I remember this site from the beginning - knew it wouldn't last. Just like the pnac website - the information gets "lost" after it's already been posted. You have to store these images while they last. Notice NASCO now stands for "Tri-National Advocacy for Efficient, Secure and Environmentally Conscious Trade and Transportation." Huh? Wouldn't that be TAESECTT? Amazing game of hide and seek they're playing now.

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    Thanks for the bump. This is very important right now for Texans and ties in directly with the swath of earlier denials of the exitence of such a plan. NASCO has done a great job staying under the searchlight in the press.

    They intend to break down the project into little chunks to avoid full culpability.

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    Kansas city smart port! ... t_maps.htm

    Be sure and click on "Rail Line" "Highways" "Shipping Routes" and "show cities"

    I sent this information to Lou Dobbs this morning, thought maybe it would help with the idiot from "Media Matters" who is either lacking education or just in denial on the subject he was accusing Lou of spreading fear about, along with illegal immigration. He was on Lou's show yesterday if you missed it.

    Keep up the Great work Lou!! America is behind you. well maybe the far left is not but the rest of us are
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