Obama & Illegal Immigration

As the nation's 3rd largest grass roots organization fighting against illegal immigration and Amnesty for illegal immigrants, we are often asked about Barack Obama and illegal immigration.

Barack Obama has been the worst President in US History on the issue of illegal immigration and border security. George Bush was horrible on this issue and he left our borders open and our immigration laws unenforced during a time of war, but Obama is worse because he actually supports illegal immigration, amnesty for illegal immigrants, and the destruction of the borders of the United States!

When Barack Obama came to power, he did not do much about illegal immigration. We had hoped that he would understand the history of illegal immigration and many of the problems with illegal immigration that Americans face such as job loss, depreciated wages for American workers, and stolen taxpayer resources. Not to mention the thousands of Americans who are losing their lives each year at the hands of illegal immigrants who are here in America because Barack Obama, and Bush before him, refused to enforce our existing immigration laws.

Obama Illegal Immigration

Barack Obama ended all raids of businesses hiring illegal aliens. Then, when he could not get amnesty legislation passed, he decided to create amnesty for illegals with a memo. That's right folks, not a law, and not an official Executive Order... a memo.

The United States is now under some new form of Martial Law where nationally destructive policies like Barack Obama's illegal immigration supporting DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) amnesty become our national policy with no legislation to back it up!

And the result of Barack Obama's illegal immigration supporting efforts is that our Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) union is suing Obama for issuing illegal orders to stop enforcing existing border and immigration laws in defiance of our Constitution and American way of governance!

In April of 2013, it is now being reported that illegal immigration has more than doubled and illegal immigrants are telling Border Patrol agents who capture them that "Obama is going to let me go!"

Sadly, far too many Americans do not recognize dictatorships or totalitarian rule as we do. But to help educate many Americans, ALIPAC has called for the impeachment of Barack Obama to be followed by charges of treason against the people of the United States. Furthermore, we never refer to him as "President" Barack Obama because we find his incredible disregard for the US Constitution, our existing immigration laws, our Congress, and the will of a large majority of American citizens who want secure borders instead of Amnesty to be treasonous!

Trying to report illegals during the administration of Barack Obama is almost a waste of time. They rarely answer the phone at the reporting phone number, and when Obama and Napolitano's DHS agents do answer, they are often rude to callers. Then you have less than a 1% chance that they will act on your report!

Barack Obama is also releasing illegal alien invaders, including many violent criminals from detention centers. Barack Obama is literally unleashing violent illegal aliens out of the jail house gates and into your neighborhoods!

Barack Obama's administration has also been caught buying thousands of assault rifles for the murderous Mexican cartels that import over 90% of the illegal immigrants, methamphetamine, and cocaine into America! The scandals known as Fast and Furious and Operation Gunwalker are false flag operations where a large number of Barack Obama's federal law enforcement agencies used our tax monies to buy assault weapons for Mexican killers and then used the deaths in Mexico as a reason to try to destroy the Second Amendment Constitutional rights of American citizens!

Yet, instead of bringing Barack Obama up on impeachment or gun trafficking charges, Congress is trying to rubber stamp Obama's illegal and unConstitutional amnesty decrees!

If you review our archives here at www.ALIPAC.us, you will learn as we have that Barack Obama is on the side of illegal immigration and illegal immigrants and against the American people. Unfortunately, you have to learn that by digging in on the facts about illegal immigration because our media appears to be controlled by the same nation building cabal that backs Obama!

Barack Obama and illegal immigration? Barack Obama is why illegal immigration stopped reversing and why more illegals than ever are spilling over our borders after Obama put most of our Border Patrol agents on furlough through sequestration!

Obama's Illegal Immigrants>/b>

Since Obama is allowing illegal immigrants to roam America freely and be released from prison without deportation, if you lose your job to an illegal alien, or your loved one is killed by an illegal invader, you can thank Barack Obama for refusing to do his job to protect American citizens from people outside of our nation who would come here and do us harm. That is why the statistics about illegal immigration show most Americans are upset and want no form of amnesty for illegals.

He swore an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States, and that Constitution says Barack Obama is to protect all states from invasion and enforce the laws of Congress and he is refusing to do both!

On the issue of illegal immigration, Barack Obama is a traitor and should be impeached, put on trial, and incarcerated for his many crimes against the American public and the great deal of death and destruction our citizens are enduring at the hands of the illegal immigration Barack Obama supports and seeks to make permanent with amnesty!

If you oppose Barack Obama's support for illegal immigration and amnesty, please join our e-mail alerts here at ALIPAC to join our fight to restore the Rule of Law, secured borders, and Constitutional governance for America.

With your help, we can Stop and Reverse Illegal Immigration in America!

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William Gheen and The ALIPAC Team