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Thread: Voter Fraud Information Thread

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    AUGUSTA, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The leader of the Maine Republican Party says the state has a problem with voter fraud and he can prove it.

    GOP Chairman Charles Webster says he has found evidence that out-of-state college students are improperly registering and voting in Maine. Webster says he and his secretary obtained the names of out of state students at USM, the University of Maine and U-Maine Farmington, compared them with voter registration lists in those communities and checked voter records in the students' home towns... Webster says they found more than 200 people who registered to vote in Maine, but were apparently not legal Maine residents. Webster says those students have driver's license from their home states drive cars registered in those states and in other ways show they actually are residents of places other than Maine. In a handful of cases, he claims, some of those people voted both in Maine and their home state in the same election.

    Democrats responded that Webster had proved nothing. Rep. Michael Carey (D) Lewiston, lead democrat on the Legal and veterans Affairs Committee, said Webster showed no actual evidence of voter fraud.

    Webster, meanwhile, wants the Secretary of State and the Attorney General to investigate. He handed the list of names to Secretary of State Charlie Summers, who said he would have an initial review by the end of the week. The entire issue also relates to the ongoing "People's Veto" effort by Democrats to block a new state law-passed by Republicans that eliminates Maine's long practice of allowing people to register to vote on Election Day. Webster argued that his findings prove there is voter fraud happening in Maine and the new law is needed. Democrats counter that there is scant evidence of a problem. They have until August 8 to submit enough petition signatures to get the issue on the November ballot. The deadline to meet the ultimate People's Veto is late September. ... oter-fraud

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    GOP Chairman Charles Webster says he has found evidence that out-of-state college students are improperly registering and voting in Maine.

    That should be enough right there to get charges filed and the fines should help spread the word.

    I just can't get over the corruption.

    Someday someone is going to lose their temper and rub their noses in it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by StokeyBob
    GOP Chairman Charles Webster says he has found evidence that out-of-state college students are improperly registering and voting in Maine.

    That should be enough right there to get charges filed and the fines should help spread the word.

    I just can't get over the corruption.

    Someday someone is going to lose their temper and rub their noses in it.
    The corruption is rampant and overwhelming!!! We have to dig in and fight against it, it is what Obama is depending on, that and amnesty for illegals to win in 2012. We all need to be fighting against it tooth and nail.

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    “The Voter Fraud Threat to Free and Fair Electionsâ€

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    Thanks Working, anyone with articles or updates on Voter Fraud, please post. The more information we have, the better!

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    YOUR VIEW: Voter ID law to ensure honest election is no scam
    Published: Saturday, July 30, 2011, 5:34 AM
    By Letters from our readers

    I have to say I was offended by the Other Views column "The GOP's voter fraud scam" (by Katrina vanden Heuvel, Thursday). A column and headline that suggest it is a scam voters must show they are qualified to vote and not voting for someone who is in the grave, and sometimes two to three times at that, are certainly misleading and defamatory to the Republican Party and to all Americans who believe in fairness.

    Some states, and I believe Georgia is one, will actually go to the home of a voter who does not have an ID and prepare one for him so he can vote. Alabama is a voter ID state, and I have not heard any complaints about it. In fact, when I first went to vote many years ago in another state, I had to show an ID, and that seemed perfectly logical and proper to me. I have lived in three states that required voter IDs, and it never occurred to me that was an improper imposition.

    It is interesting that only Democrats seem to object to showing proof of identification at the polls. Is it because they feel they will get most of the illegal immigrants' votes? And what about the stories that groups have been known to haul the same load of people to different polls where they vote multiple times?

    To suggest an honest and clean election is a scam is a contradiction in itself.

    Lee Froedge
    Hoover ... _ensu.html

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    Ruiz Worker Pleads Guilty to Election Fraud

    Attorney General Paula T. Dow and Criminal Justice Director Stephen J. Taylor announced that a Newark man pleaded guilty today to submitting fraudulent absentee ballots while working for the 2007 campaign of Teresa Ruiz for the state Senate in the 29th District.

    Following redistricting earlier this year, Belleville has become part of the 29th. Ruiz is seeking reelection to the seat in November; if she wins, she will become the township’s representative in the state Senate.

    Angel Colon, 48, pleaded guilty to a charge of second-degree election fraud before Superior Court Judge Pedro J. Jimenez Jr. in Mercer County. Under his plea agreement, the state will recommend that Colon be sentenced to three years in state prison. Jimenez scheduled Colon to be sentenced on Jan.. 11, 2012, the attorney general’s office said in a statement.

    “We will not tolerate conduct that deprives citizens of the right to vote or corrupts the free and fair election process that is the foundation of our democracy,â€

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    Photo identification will deter voter fraud

    Tennesseans are required to show photo identification for everything from making a purchase at the mall or boarding a plane to cashing a check, and we do it without complaint. So why shouldn’t we do the same for something as precious as the right to vote?

    The process of electing our leaders is one of our most important duties as citizens. Many brave Americans fought and died for us to have this right. It is the cornerstone of our democracy and we must make every effort to ensure that it is fair and honest.

    This year, 20 states that didn’t already have a voter ID law took up legislation to make sure that those voting are both legal residents and indeed the person registered to vote. Meanwhile, 14 of the 27 states that already had voter-identification laws on the books sought to further strengthen them, including Tennessee.

    Voter fraud is a problem in Tennessee that Democrats and Republicans alike should be concerned about. Recently, state election officials found 10,000 felons on Tennessee’s voter rolls. They were able to identify several hundred of those who had actually voted in an election. In addition, thousands of individuals were registered not only in Tennessee, but also in other states. This is very alarming.

    Opponents say requiring a photo ID places new hurdles to voting. However, those concerns were addressed in the legislation. First, Tennesseans age 65 and older will have the right under state law to vote absentee by mail without photo identification if they prefer not to obtain one. Under Tennessee’s new law, various forms of photo identification can be used, including a driver’s license, military identification, a valid passport, and various forms of state and federal government employee identification cards that contain photographs of the voter.

    A voter who is indigent and cannot afford to get proof of identification, or has a religious objection to being photographed, can vote by obtaining an affidavit of identity. The new law also exempts people voting in nursing homes or citizens requiring emergency absentee ballots from having to provide a photo ID before voting.

    The new requirement does not go into effect until January 2012, providing six months for those who need a photo ID for voting purposes to go to their nearest driver’s license center and obtain one free. Meanwhile, state election officials will be informing voters regarding the new law. The Department of Safety is gearing up to handle any new demand by placing those who need a photo ID for voting purposes in the express lane to expedite the transaction and reduce waiting time.

    Finally, the legislation provides recourse for voters who forget their photo identification to cast a vote through a provisional ballot. This safeguard ensures that these voters will have their votes counted upon bringing in valid photo identification to their Election Commission office within two business days.

    The U.S. Supreme Court has said that states have a “valid interest in protecting the integrity and reliability of the electoral process,â€

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