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    Welcome to ALIPAC

    Welcome to Americans for Legal Immigration Political Action Committee also known as ALIPAC!

    We oppose illegal immigration and any for of Amnesty for illegals and our ALIPAC activists have stopped many Amnesty bills since 2004!

    While we support those that come to America legally with respect for our citizens, laws, and principles, most of our supporters also favor reducing legal immigration levels to more traditional levels that benefit American workers.

    If you support America's existing border and immigration laws as detailed on ALIPAC's Platform page, then please join our e-mail alerts to help our cause.

    Our mission at ALIPAC is unify Americans of every race, party, and walk of life against illegal immigration and amnesty in an effort to save every single job, taxpayer resource, election, and life we can from the negative impacts of this corporate sponsored invasion.

    If you want to fight against illegal immigration and criminal illegal immigrants and the politicians that support both, then we welcome your participation. We need your help to fight against the many Problems with Illegal Immigration and Illegal Alien Amnesty Supporters! While we have extensive social media pages for your convenience, our e-mail alerts are how we have achieved most of our Accomplishments in the fight against the costly and deadly illegal immigrant invasion of our American homeland.

    You can review the certified polling data found on our Illegal Immigration Facts page to see that our views represent what more than 80% of Americans want to see done to stop and reverse illegal immigration without passing any form of 'immigration reform' amnesty that would further undermine our laws and borders.

    Our core activists are posting new information around the clock in our Discussion Groups (Announcements, Illegal Immigration News, and General Discussion). By speaking out beneath some of our most important Articles and Announcements & Releases you create a lasting record of your views while helping us serve your interests better. is the largest archive of information about illegal immigration in the world and our contributions to this issue are so important and influential that the Library of Congress archives much of what we have to say.

    We hope you will use our Campaign Endorsements to find the elected officials that are on your side against illegal immigration and help us to stop Obama and his illegal immigration plans to overthrow our Republic.

    By joining our email alerts using the box on the left, you can volunteer and donate to our national organization's efforts to stop illegal immigration, illegal immigrants, and Amnesty.
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