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Thread: Why the illegals must go!

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    Truly incredible

    Very incredible to me that it is so impossible to get authorities to enforce our laws.

    As a legal immigrant (now citizen), I take great offense to any discussions around giving amnesty to illegal aliens whose only (lack of) credibility is that they managed to get across our unprotected borders.

    It took me many years, full labor certification process, and much grievance to prove myself worthy to be here. And in the mean time, the taxes I have been paying over all these years are going for free public schools and healthcare for people that are here illegally.
    Gregory Miropin

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    My sister-in-law, like you, took the time, trouble and GREAT expense to become a citizen.

    Thanks to all who do.
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    Re: Truly incredible

    Quote Originally Posted by miropin
    Very incredible to me that it is so impossible to get authorities to enforce our laws.

    As a legal immigrant (now citizen), I take great offense to any discussions around giving amnesty to illegal aliens whose only (lack of) credibility is that they managed to get across our unprotected borders.

    It took me many years, full labor certification process, and much grievance to prove myself worthy to be here. And in the mean time, the taxes I have been paying over all these years are going for free public schools and healthcare for people that are here illegally.
    Welcome to ALIPAC miropin.

    We are glad to have another legal immigrant on our side of this issue. We will do our best to convey your outrage to the nation.

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    Reason WHY NOT to allow ILLEGALS here

    My fellow AMERICANS this is what is the most shocking

    We as the American citizens have to OBEY the LAW.
    We have to be law abiding citizens, if not WE AMERICANS have to.
    But, some people ILLEGALS can do whatever they want,
    burn the US flag
    hang the US flag upside down, while the meican flies above the US flag.
    Can drive WITHOUT insurance, drivers licences, while law abiding US citizens HAVE TO.
    Illegals come over here and break the USA laws, and then run to their country, to hide.

    62% of ILLEGALS in the USA are working for cash, and NOT paying TAXES to the US, and WORKING WITHOUT a green card.
    ( I wonder if I can work and not pay my TAXES, I would be thrown in jail )
    95% of warrants for murder in LA alone are for ILLEGALS
    ( What and Bush wants ILLEGALS here, so then AMERICAN citizens will become a VICTIM of these people. )
    83% of warrants are for MURDER in phoenix are ILLEGALS
    86% of warrants are for MURDER in Albuquerque are ILLEGALS
    75% of the MOST WANTED list are ILLEGALS
    97.2% of anchor babies who are born in the USA are from ILLEGALS
    66% of all births in California are to ILLEGALS MEXICANS on the Med Cal whose births where Paid by the AMERICAN TAX PAYER
    More than half the gang members in LA are ILLEGALS
    43% of all food stamps are issued to ILLEGALS, thanks to the AMERICAN TAX PAYER ( But remember they are doing the jobs that AMERICANS dont want)
    58% of welfare payments in the USA are given to ILLEGALS thanks to the AMERICAN TAX PAYER. ( they work under the table so they afford the cars they drive)
    60% of HUD occupants are given to ILLEGALS
    Thanks to the AMERICAN TAXPAYER

    11 to 12 BILLION DOLLARS are given to ILLEGALS
    ( Now there is something wrong, with the government and thabks to Mr Bush who wants ILLEGALS, here to distory America, and the GIVE ME YOU OWE ME ATTITUDE OF ILLEGALS MAKE MY STOMACH TURN, and MR BUSH is their to give them give them.)

    No wonder the ILLEGALS want to stay here, the more they want from AMERICA, the MORE the GOvernment and MR BUSH GIVES TO THEM.

    Keep fight for America

    Proud to be an AMERICAN

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    Businesses Are Turning American Workers into Day Laborers

    IF there are any lawyers out there. Isn't there some way we can sue the President and the pro-amnesty politicians for malpractice? Can't they be tried for treason? After all, they are harming the american people and aiding and abetting the violation of immigration law and encouraging the infiltration of terrorists?

    Big Business and the Congressmen they have bought by financing their elections are intent upon destroying the American Middle Class and turning the American Workforce into Day Laborers.

    First, their bought Congressmen turned their backs on the outsourcing of jobs overseas. Jobs that are needed for American citizens.
    Then they get Congress to approve special visas to allow foreign technical workers to come into the U.S., work for less and displace more american workers.

    Now they are importing (they even tell the Mexican Coyotes what kind of worker they need and how many and special order them from Mexico) illegal aliens to further replace americans.

    I know more than a handful of americans who have to work two and sometimes three jobs to make ends meet in the Washington suburbs. As soon as these illegals are granted amnesty, you will see them losing these jobs.

    Since Immigration started recently going after employers who hire illegals, employers have been putting pressure on Congress to hurry up and railroad the american citizen and hurry and push this amnesty and special visa legislation.

    Their next step--there has already been talk in Congress about removing the tax break that employers get for paying for their share of their employee's health benefits. I'm sure businesses are eager for this to happen so they can wash their hands and deny the american worker health benefits. Congress's take is that they can use those additional taxes they get from employers (to subsidize illegal aid programs no doubt). The talking heads in the show were then saying that employers would them raise employee's salaries (yeah, I bet!) and that new healthcare provider companies would arise to sell health insurance to the employees. (At a discounted rate no doubt, since these companies would not be in it to turn a profit but do us all a favor. *Sarcastic remark* Pleeeez!)

    Already american workers are afraid of taking their accrued vacations for fear of being outsourced or replaced by special visa imported labor. So they no longer have job security. And now, they are going to lose their healthcare benefits on top of having to compete for cheaper labor. So, what's the result. The american worker will be in the same position as the illegal day laborers. They will have to live like cockroaches--20 to a single family home, violating housing and fire codes, etc.

    I cannot believe that our Congressmen are that stupid. They know what they are doing. They have become as corrupt, greedy and immoral as the governments these illegals come from. They will destroy the U.S. They won't care, because they will have theirs. America will become the new Third World nation where the rich are filty rich and have everything and where everyone else will be living in poverty, without proper housing and medical care.

    Already emergency rooms have had to close down because of the cost of providing healthcare for people who are here illegally and who should be in their home countries demanding their leaders for healthcare. Prince George's County hospital in Prince George's County has gone bankrupt and, as usual, the way government intends to fix the situation is to raise property taxes on americans, many of them retired and on limited incomes.

    If you want to see the influx of illegals (Maryland is now a choice state for them) go to any shopping center in Prince George's County. You will see cars with Texas and Arizona (and other border state's) license plates dislodging illegals with their backpacks in the parking lots. Move to my father's neighborhood where illegals, in violation of code, turn single family homes into high-occupancy illegal alien apartment buildings. They also ignore every housing, building, and fire code. They add floors and additions to single-family homes without obtaining building permits or submitting to any building inspections. The add bathrooms and rooms and build right to property lines. Since these houses are now full of tenants who don't have a vested interest in the property, there is trash everywhere and lawns go unmown and fill with rats. There are feral dogs breeding and roaming the neighborhood--no collars, no vaccination tags, unneutered (this is the type of "responsible" pet ownership that is common in Latin American). There are chickens roaming the neighborhood and laying eggs in my father's flower beds. (And here we're worried about avian flu.)

    My brother has been involved in two accidents where the fault was that of illegal aliens who fled the scene of the accident. One of them was a drunk Salvadoran (my brother could smell it on the guy's breath from feet away). The drunk fled the scene of the accident before the police arrived. Even though my brother had the license plate and gave it to the police, the police DID NOTHING. The guy's insurance company refused to pay saying it was my brother's word against the piece of crap's word. So my brother was saddled with medical and car repair bills.

    In another instance a group of stupid hispanic illegals dropped a bed with the metal frames and wheels in the middle of the Washington Beltway. Two cars were damaged by the rolling bed and it's a miracle nobody got killed. The illegals had stopped on the shoulder--with the hope of recovering the bed, not to provide insurance information. As soon as my brother asked them about insurance and started calling the police on his cell phone, they fled the scene of the accident. My brother reported it to the police, giving them the license plate of the truck that had dropped the bed but, again, they did NOTHING.

    In my father's neighborhood these people do not know what the meaning of the word "STOP" on a stop sign means. The same goes for traffic lights.

    Front and back yards are turned into parking lots for the numerous cars belonging to the numerous tenants and their commercial work vehicles. At night the streets are so full of parked cars and trucks and vans and oversize commercial and work vehicles that if there is ever a fire, the fire engines will not be able to get through.

    These illegals sit out in their front yard (and on my father's lawn) drinking alcohol and making noise until all hours of the night. If you call the police they show up maybe three hours later. They urinate on the sidewalks and worse. At this writing there are about eight bags full of trash that have been sitting on the curb on my father's next door neighbor's house for more than 6 weeks. When one of the tenants move out, they dump the old furniture on the curb and there it sits because they are either too stupid or too lazy to call and have it haul away. The fee my father has to pay the county to collect the trash has gone up dramatically--no doubt because of the excessive trash generated by this alien invasion. That is, if you have the courage to call them because there are so many of these illegal invaders that the few citizens left in the neighborhood are afraid of being attacked. There is MS-13 gang graffitti everywhere.

    You pass by some supposedly single-family homes and see 10 cars and 4 satellite dishes.

    Now the Health Cost and Risk factor. You see these people in these houses and they bring their many children and their elderly relatives into the U.S., also illegally. Now, since they work "cheap" and don't have benefits, everytime they get sick they show up at the local hospital's emergency room where they have to be treated whether they can pay or not. That raises hospital and health care costs for the american citizen. If we have been talking for years now about America's Healthcare Crisis, why the h*** are we importing millions of illegals and giving them amnesty and thereby encouraging more illegal immigration? Who's going to cover their healthcare? Is it going to come out of Senator Kennedy's private estate? Or President Bush's? Are they so eager to help these illegals that they would be willing to donate their hefty salaries and put themselves on social security like the rest of americans? Or are they just telling the american citizen "let them eat cake" like Marie Antoinette?

    Also, if you eat fast food.

    If you go overseas the State Department has all these alerts and warnings to travelers about all the vaccinations they need and all the diseases they can catch overseas.

    Yet we have all these illegals here working in the food, medical and hotel industries. I went to a fast food place recently where the water was so hot (there was no cold water) that I could not finish washing my hands after going to the bathroom, but had to wipe off the soap with a paper towel. Male customers told me they encountered the same problem in the men's room. There was a sign in both bathrooms reminding employees that they must wash their hands after using the bathroom and before going back to work. So I asked for the manager (who wasn't there) and got the supervisor (who did not understand much english--I had to speak to her in Spanish) and asked her if they had cold water somewhere in the food preparation are so they could wash their hands before going back to work. She informed me that no, that there was NO cold water in the restaurant. That all the water was boiling hot and that this had been going on for over a month. She had been telling the manager (who was, probably also illegally, from Nigeria) that the water was too hot and they could not wash their hands. She thought he didn't listen to her because he was discriminating against her because he was black and all the workers were hispanic. I called the county and they closed the restaurant down. The county inspector informed the manager that he was closing the restaurant because due to the water being too hot employees could not comply with the sanitation regulations of washing their hands before preparing food. The manager from Nigeria then asked if he could at least keep the drive through open!!!!

    So we are importing these illegals, without criminal background and health checks and we're putting them in jobs where they could pass on diseases to the american citizens. The restaurant inspector advised me that I should get a Hepatitis vaccine at least because there are not enough employees to keep a constant watch on every restaurant.

    Then there was the conversation I overheard between two hispanic women who worked at a supermarket. One of them was telling the other that she was worried about her recently arrived female cousin who has SIDA (aids). Apparently this cousin, who was living with her and her husband and children, had informed her that she was going to sleep with every man she could and infect them with the virus in revenge because a man gave it to her. The woman's main concern was that she suspected that her cousin had seduced her husband.

    Tell us again about the man with the incurable, treatment resistant tuberculosis on the airplane. Americans could catch all these diseases anywhere. How do you know the children of these illegals are not spreading these diseases in school to your children?

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    I'm tired of seeing Illegals all around me every day, where I live, work. shop, and seek entertainment. No point in trying to be friendly or talking to them as they are VERY RACIST and ignore you or give you a daggers' look. I don't see any of them trying to mix in with our culture or trying to speak English. Instead, we are getting THEIR language and culture forced down our throats. I feel like the foreigner in my own country. They have an IN YOUR FACE attitude that angers me. Now they have Mexican Nationals trying to make laws within our government. I always thought you had to be an AMERICAN citizen to be involved in the government and politics. What happened? Why are we letting this happen? Southern California is pretty well invaded and conquered. There isn't a single place you can go without facing Illegals. They run the place here. There are FOR SALE signs everywhere because of the AMERICANS leaving for other states. Who's going to support them when we all LEAVE? What state will be invaded next? When will we get the LAW on OUR side and fight back and send them to their homeland? We need to clean out all the law breaking, politiking Illegals that don't belong here and send them packing. They need to take all the anchor kids along too and go back to their own homelands and deal with their own governments.

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    Re: Businesses Are Turning American Workers into Day Laborer

    Quote Originally Posted by Pindusa
    IF there are any lawyers out there. Isn't there some way we can sue the President and the pro-amnesty politicians for malpractice?
    Dereliction of duty.

    I support all the victims of illegal immigrant criminals filing a class action lawsuit. Can you imagine the figures that would be tabulated as the costs? Add it the costs to local governments for these illegals that the Fed allows in, but also prevents the local governments from enforcing the law with (Farmer's Branch)

    The Fed can refuse to be sued, but the amassing of the database of costs would be the main point.

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    I think this article has hit on the real agenda!

    This statement appears in the article as a hypothetical situation. I would like to suggest that this situation is not hypothetical at all but hits on the true agenda of those who have allowed illegal immigration to grow out of control.

    "America would quickly descend into such chaos and anarchy that we would be unable to sustain a population of 300 million. Our population would take a hit similar to the impact of the Black Plague on Europe, and we would quickly enter a new dark age."

    We need to face the fact that this nation has enemies. Some of them are overseas, some are our neighbors, and some are our elected representatives. There is an agenda at work in the illegal reform act. I believe that the agenda is the eventual destruction of the USA.
    Thar's gold in that there moon!

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    > Now I will say this only and only in one area may we need illegal immigrants. It is solely for farm work. Picking crops that's it. <

    No, they are not needed top pick our crops. The farmers are hooked on what many call cheap illegal labor. If that so-called cheap labor was not readily available the farmer would modernize and need less labor.
    The so-called cheap labor is subsidized by the taxpayers as can be seen in the recent late freezes in California and Arnold said all the alien labor would be eligible for state tax paid benefits plus unemployment, not to mention 'FREE' education, 'FREE' healthcare, and instant citizenship to children born here.
    I worked in the cotton fields of West Texas from age 10 to age 16 for .50 to .75 cents per hour working ten hour days. Housing was provided, in most cases little better than the outdoors. My family worked 5 1/2 days each week and supported our selves while saving for school clothes.

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    This is my first posting in this forum. I have read through discussions though. I moved here legally eight years ago along with my husband and son and are deeply appreciative of the chance to do so. That is not to say I had not done my part by getting a university degree and twenty years of experience in my field of medical research. My employer filed for my labor certification for my green card in November of 2002 when my son was 17. Due to the 245i applicants (mini amnesty of 2000) this process took three and a half years so that on his 21st birthday he 'aged out'. He is now on a student visa so that we retain legal status for him to stay in the United States with us. This means he no longer has a path to residency and eventual citizenship which he would have had if he were still a minor.

    The CIR bill would have given all the children of illegal aliens conditional residency assuming they could prove they were younger than 16 when they came here, had graduated from high school and are in college. My son fitted into every single criteria perfectly EXCEPT he was here legally so would be precluded from this privilege. It is very sad when the lawmakers leave those who follow the rules out in the cold and welcome those who broke the law in to sit by the fire.

    Just my two penneth. But as you can imagine I am rather pleased the CIR bill has at least been cleared from the senate floor for now.

    I would also like to comment on the removal of adult children from being considered part of a nuclear family for the purposes of immigration law, while Christopher Dodd pushed that parents should be considered first degree relatives. I love my parents but surely my own son is more my nuclear family than they are once I have my own family. Would like to see what you all think on that matter.

    Thank you for being able to contribute to this important discussion.

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