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    I BEG you to allow Senator Webster's SB 976 to be heard in committee BEFORE you adjourn for the summer. The people whom you represent have made it abundantly clear that we want our NC licenses reserved for only those legally present in our state. We want our tax dollars to go to LEGAL citizens of our state and NOT to illegal immigrants. And, we definitely want our state and local police to be able to enforce immigration laws. Without this, our state is going to go under. We can no longer afford to support this invasion by illegal immigrants and I, for one, am sick of seeing my tax dollars being spent to give them services that should be reserved for DESERVING North Carolina CITIZENS.

    I, along with every single one of my friends, have made a commitment to only vote in the future for representatives that truly REPRESENT the people of our state and not some special interest groups. It is time for you to LISTEN to what your constituents want and act accordingly. A lot of work has been poured into this bill and I sincerely hope that you will not let it die in committee without debate. This would be a travesty for the people of our state who have watched our jobs be taken away by illegal immigrants; who have watched our taxpayer dollars being poured into health care and education for people who have broken our laws to even be here; who have demanded and received the privilege of having every document, every sign, every communication provided to them in the language of THEIR country--not OURS; and to watch a huge majority of crimes committed in our state perpetrated by these illegal immigrants. Their presence in our state has put an enormous strain on the budget of our state and we are no longer willing to sit back and watch this happen anymore.


    Margaret Koonts

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    just sent you a PM. I need to email my rep I guess.
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    Excellent post RonLaws and thanx William for working on this! I could not have said it any better myself. This is exactly what I have advocated in some of my earlier posts. I want to thank my newest Hero Hugh. A BIG THANK YOU FROM A CONCERNED LEGAL CITIZEN OF NC.

    RonLaws I know what you mean about them Dems in the legislature. They are hard to deal with and have a lock on issues such as this.

    We definately got a battle before us but I am hoping this Vegas Summit will get the attention of those still asleep in the state. The NC legislature is slower than snells and out in left field in their priorities. Just tonight on the news, there was a report about the legislatures taking up what animals, birds, insects, flowers to place in the state catagories. I hope I conveyed what I meant. It is stupid to waste time on such worthless topics when no telling just how many illegals got their licenses in NC today.

    One night as I was driving, I noticed a car that had ran off the side of the road down into a low place. So low in fact, I almost did not see it. I called 911 to report it. Emergency personnel arrived and they told me the occupants has already left the scene. They also told me they were probably illegals driving. They said they don't have insurance and flee the scene when they are involved in an accident.

    Watchman I am sorry for your lose. It is a story that is repeated all too often here in NC. I do carry uninsured motorist insurance just in case but will not bring back lost loved ones or prevent it from happening.

    It is only when we shout loud enough and long enough at out state reps will they have an understanding of how we feel and we're not going to let them sit on their duffs any longer on this issue.

    Thanx again Hugh!
    I wonder how many illegals got their NC driver licenses renewed last week? President Bush needs to protect the borders not illegals. President Bush is a coward and guilty of treason when it comes to securing the borders.

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    that is exactly what we need, Now we need them to Repeal the Real ID.
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    Crackdown on illegal aliens

    In NJ there has been a 6 point ID system in effect to obain a drivers license. Social security ID is verified as are legal immigrant ID cards. Foreign nationals with a US work visa are issued a drivers license which expires with the work visa. This policy began just a few years ago. Also, most motor vehicle offices have local police officers stationed there permanently. I believe it is a state homeland security policy.

    Congress passed a law a couple of years ago which requires agencies to verify social security numbers of medicaid applicants. Ilegals I believe are not eligible for medicaid.

    The illegal aliens in NJ use charity care which is a state to hopital reimbursement program. Hospitals receive a percentage of actual costs. In recent years the amount has skyrocketed from the low to high hundred millions. The reason is that in addition to emergency care (mandated by fed law), continuous care is provided.

    Illegals all over this state...estimate 450,000. Construction fund for new schools and renovations has run dry. Cities loaded with illegals and they are penetrating the suburbs. Illegal housing gone wild.Homes made into boarding houses. Few crackdowns occurring. Massive ordinance and code violations.

    Many NJ citizens have only temporary part time or low paying jobs since foreigners have arrived in 90's. Citizens aged 40 or 50 have few job opportunties since corporations prefer low paid foreign nationals. Property taxes sky high... $6,000 to $10,000 per year to fund schools, county, and municipality.

    Congressman Lautenberg did publicly issue a warning to employment agencies to make sure hires are legal. Have not heard of or read anything about enforcement on the state or federal level of employment document verification. E-verify used by a small fraction of employers. Some use outsourced businesses to verify new hires.

    ICE did conduct raids here from Sept 06 to Mar 07 to capture those ordered deported and other illegals found in the action.

    NJ attorney general recently ordered law enforcement to verify social security cards of all foreigners arrested for DUI or felonies. This only happened due to the execution style murder of 3 citizen college students this year by an illegal alien(s).

    Illegals here from latin american countries (Mexico, Brazil, Guatemala) and India, Pakistan and Red China.

    hope you win your battle in NC.

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