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Thread: Hire American Buy American

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    Hire American Buy American

    The average American citizen can have influence right in their own grocery store. First, ask the grocer to hire only Americans; black, white, brown, red, blue Americans. Next, buy only American products. Read labels and choose wisely and you will make a differance. I buy only American produce. Chinese garlic has flooded our markets and are in every store. I have asked many produce mgrs to buy American garlic and after hearing excuses from produce mgrs, finally one has listened to me and has U.S. garlic. I will shop there now. The produce I buy depends on what is grown in America. I will not buy foreign produce and put our American farmers out of business. Next, buy only American raised meat. Do not buy meat imported from Mexico and South America. US beef, poultry and pork is the safest and best in the world thanks to our American Farmers and Ranchers. Read labels and ask questions, let them know you want American raised meat. Don't let ranchers go out of business one by one because they are undercut with foreign inferior, infected meats.....
    Last, do not shop in the foreign food isle. It starts as one isle, then two etc...They remove American products to have room for these foreign products. Do not buy foreign soda, beer or any other product from foreign countries on these isles. Last month, My favorite kettle chips were removed and replaced with a whole section of tortillas and hot chips which took their place even though tortillas are in many other places already.
    Last week on the soup isle, I went to buy Knorr vegetable soup mix to make the typical American Spinach dip. It was gone. I asked the asst. manager who barely speaks English, where it went and he said that he cancelled it and that he now has Knorr in the foreign food isle, Knorr mexican soup...He was very happy to tell me that!
    Buy American Hire American and we will take our country back.
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    IMO we should follow the proposal of the Congressional Black Caucus and start paying people to do little jobs in their own neighborhoods. Installing weather stripping and doing inside painting are two jobs that done by the chronically unemployed. This will help them to acquire work discipline and the beginnings of a decent resume. Then increase their skills with training in the trades. This will give them a decent resume and employable skills.
    Americans first in this magnificent country

    American jobs for American workers

    Fair trade, not free trade
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    im with you 100 %
    No amnesty 0r Dream act

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    I agree - except -

    The problem is American poultry and beef are heavy employers of illegal aliens.

    That is why this is so insidious - we can't simply Buy American without supporting the employers of illegal aliens.

    I'm thinking it might do less harm to this country if we purchased foreign products, produced by foreigners in their own country than allowing our employers to bring illegals and 'refugees' here.

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