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Thread: Welcome to ALIPAC's Americans First Project: Tips on How You Can Save American Jobs

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    Welcome to ALIPAC's Americans First Project: Tips on How You Can Save American Jobs

    Thank you for taking the time to participate in ALIPAC's new effort known as...


    By now, most Americans have noticed that our nation is being flooded with an unprecedented amount of legal foreign labor along with millions of illegal immigrants, this despite massive public opposition and protest.

    DC lawmakers continue to serve powerful global, financial, and corporate interests that are hell bent on displacing and replacing Americans in jobs, classrooms, homes, and even elections!

    Since our existing federal laws, the Congress, elections, citizens, and the Constitution appear to mean very little these days, we must unify as Americans, resist the invasion, and overthrow it using every legal activism tool available to us.

    The Americans First Project asks you to join us by becoming a discerning shopper and consumer.

    The goal of the Americans First Project (AFP) is to fight to reclaim every job possible for American workers who are currently being systematically targeted for displacement by federal policies and corporations.

    The Americans First Project asks American consumers to insist that companies only send American workers of any race who are fluent in English to their properties for any services, repairs, installations, or deliveries. Companies, repairs, services, products, and installations not provided by American labor are to be rejected and replaced with those providing jobs for Americans during these historically bad economic times.

    Please see our press release for more details.

    Americans First Project Launched by ALIPAC To Save American Jobs

    Please consider becoming a supporter of the Americans First Project and following this suggested strategy.

    Step 1: Join

    Join the ALIPAC e-mail alerts list using the box on the left column of your screen and consider making a post to our Forums section, dedicated to the Americans First Project. This will allow you to show your support for our efforts and to establish a line of communication with us to coordinate all efforts.

    Step 2: Recruit

    Recruit other like minded Americans--friends, family members, and coworkers--to join our efforts here using word of mouth, online forums, emails, phone calls, Facebook, and Twitter. We may eventually create fliers to help you with your efforts to organize others. Focus on using these techniques yourself to lead by example and then organize others around you.

    Step 3: Announce

    When you need to order a home repair, service, or purchase a new appliance, Announce your intentions when you make contact with a sales representative in person or by phone. Explain...

    "I only hire American labor for anything on my property. The workers can be of any race or gender, but they must be American citizens who speak fluent English. Are your workers/installers American?"

    Companies will take notice when you clarify points like this. They will also notice when you take your business elsewhere because they have no American workers available. Depending on what part of the country you are in and what services you are trying to procure, some fields have already been completely decimated. Keep trying. It took me 6 months in Raleigh, NC, to find an American roofer to repair some shingles, but I did find one.

    Step 4: Just say No

    You must be willing to be inconvenienced and, yes, sometimes pay a bit more to save American jobs. Some companies will humor your request but then on the day the delivery is to be made or the work is to be done, they may send a foreign work crew to your property. You must be willing to stand your ground and say NO.

    Even if you have to move your order to a different company, you must insist and fight for every American job you can save. The more resolute you are, the more companies will notice. Companies cannot sell you products, labor, repairs, appliances, or installations, if you refuse to allow foreign labor on your property.

    Step 5: Make it Clear

    From the moment you order goods and services for properties you own or rent, let everyone in the equation know you want American goods and workers before you purchase.

    When American workers are delivering your goods and services, explain to them what you have done to save their jobs.

    Once goods and services have not been delivered by American workers, follow-up with both the local store management and the national corporate offices with a written note or card reading, "I rejected/canceled services with your company because you did not have any American workers employed with your firm," or, "I purchased my goods and services from your company because you have American workers."


    By providing direct positive and negative feedback to local, national, and global companies, you can make a difference and start opening up jobs for Americans very quickly.

    Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

    What is an American worker?

    An "American Worker" by our definition is someone of any race or gender who was either born in America, has become a naturalized citizen of the United States, and speaks clear English. Are there American workers who have trouble with English? Sure, and they need to ingratiate themselves by using our language immediately, if they want our money.

    What about legal immigrant labor?

    We all appreciate immigrants and those who honor our laws by coming to America the right way. At the same time, everyone should be understanding of our desire to employ and sustain our own citizens during tough economic times. Imported immigrant labor should only be for jobs that no American workers can do and that rule has obviously been abandoned by lawmakers and corporations. It is up to American citizens to set this right! We need legal temporary immigrant labor returning to their homelands to alleviate and reverse job displacement of Americans.

    Is it illegal for someone to discriminate against foreign labor?

    No, but it is illegal for companies to discriminate against workers based on "national origins," but it is not illegal for you to insist on American workers instead of illegal aliens or imported immigrant labor. It is legal for companies to choose American workers over imported immigrant labor. It is illegal for companies to hire illegal aliens although these laws were almost never enforced by Bush. Now Obama, despite massive public outcry for enforcement of our existing immigration laws, has failed to enforce them.
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    Here is some of the verbige that my company uses.


    If the work requires physical performance of services in the State of _________, as determined under state law, the contractor awarded the job shall be required to register with and utilize an electronic verification system or program, whether the work authorization program of the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996, 8 U.S.C. 1324a, now known as the “E-Verify Program” or an equivalent federal program designated by the Department of Homeland Security or other federal agency authorized to verify the work eligibility status of a newly hired employee pursuant to the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986.

    Contractor shall contractually require all subcontractors performing work under such contract to also register and utilize such electronic verification system. The contractor awarded the job and all of such contractor’s subcontractors shall use such electronic verification system to determine the work eligibility status of each new employee physically performing any services within the State of _______ under the contract.

    Any person whom the electronic verification system determines is ineligible or not authorized to work in the United States shall not be permitted by contractor nor any subcontractor to perform services in the state of _________ under such contract.

    Contractor shall provide written proof or documentation at the beginning of specified work.

    Failure to comply with the provisions of this requirement shall constitute a default under the contract with the buyer.

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    I started requesting American's only about 5 years ago. My first request was to JC Penney's. They had sent someone to deliver furniture that had directions in English. I found myself having to read the directions to the servicemen. After a call to the manager of our local Penney's all further deliveries were delivered by Americans.

    I have had a lot of big ticket deliveries from Best Buy and each and every delivery or service call has been by an American.

    Just as companies keep track of our purchases/likes by computer and our phone numbers, I have come to believe there must be a section that states that we want American/English Speaking Service and Deliverey men only.
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    I am so glad to hear about Best Buy sending Americans to deliver. Now I will make a point of shopping with them. I have had two truly frightful experiences with illegal aliens send by Home Depot sub-contractors and I will never do that again.....
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    Americans Last: Will Trump Break another campaign promise tomorrow?

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    Amazon hires illegals to deliver your packages.

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