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    MARIO DIAZ-BALART (R-FL) US Congress Supports Amnesty for Illegal Aliens

    Mario Diaz Balart, was added to our Illegal Alien Amnesty Supporter list in 2013 and The Cantor List in 2015.

    Mario Diaz Balart Amnesty Support Summary:

    Representative Mario Diaz-Balart, showed up on our radar as an illegal alien amnesty supporter when the Associated Press reported on November 12, 2012, that he was restarting the process for "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" or CIR! (click to view source)Elaborating he said "For too long both parties have used immigration as a political wedge issue, but the time has come to find a bipartisan solution to this critical issue. I am committed to passing legislation to once and for all to fix our broken immigration system"

    Of course, anyone that has watched the debate over Comprehensive Immigration Reform legislation has seen how every single bill drafted on that topic is filled with lots of enforcement language that nobody trusts or believes with a big fat amnesty for illegal aliens stuck in the middle of it.

    The elites pushing Amnesty keep changing the names of it because as soon as the public learns what "Guest Worker Program", "Immigration Reform", and "Comprehensive Approach", and "secure the borders first" really means they have to change the name again to disguise the amnesty most Americans oppose!

    On 06/03/15 The Hill Magazine reports that Representative Mario Diaz-Balart was among 19 Republican lawmakers from mostly Hispanic districts that voted against the successful amendment to remove amnesty for illegal aliens from the NDAA (National Defense Authorization) Bill! (click to view source)

    And against when illegal immigration and amnesty fighting leader, Congressman Steve King, offered an amendment to defund Obama's Executive Amnesty via House Amendment 350 to H.R.2578 in the 114th Congress (2015-2016), Mario Diaz-Balart showed his true amnesty colors once again and voted NO!

    So we even have Mario Diaz-Balart voting to support Barack Obama's unconstitutional Executive Amnesty that 26 states are suing to stop and that Federal judge Andrew Hanen has ordered Obama to stop implementing! (click to view source)

    Please contact, Mario Diaz-Balart, let him know that you are wise to his illegal alien amnesty and Obama facilitating ways. Let him clearly know that you plan to throw him out of office just like Eric Cantor in the next election cycle!

    Contact Info for Mario Diaz-Balart:

    Washington, DC Office
    436 Cannon House Office Building
    Washington, DC 20515
    phone: (202) 225-4211
    fax: (202) 225-8576

    Southeast Florida Office
    8669 NW 36th Street, Suite 100
    Doral, FL 33166
    phone: (305) 470-8555
    fax: (305) 470-8575

    Southwest Florida Office
    4715 Golden Gate Parkway, Suite 1
    Naples, FL 34116
    phone: (239) 348-1620
    fax: (239) 348-3569


    Mario Diaz Balart Amnesty Support Proof and Documentation:

    Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart (R-FL), Chairman of the Hispanic Conference, announced that he has restarted the process of moving a comprehensive immigration bill through congress as soon as possible.

    House votes to block Obama from defending immigration actions in court
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