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    Robert Pittenger (R-NC) US Congress Supports Amnesty for Illegal Aliens

    Robert Pittenger (R-NC) US Congress Supports Amnesty for illegal aliens

    Robert Pittenger added to ALIPAC's amnesty supporter list October 2, 2014

    Robert Pittenger Amnesty Support Summary

    Representative Robert Pittenger was added to ALIPAC's Amnesty Supporters List and eventually our Eric Cantor List when we shockingly received an email from one of Obama's main support groups called, which is a pro illegal alien amnesty group funded by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, that celebrated Pittenger's support for amnesty!

    Here is what Obama's campaign team said about Robert Pittenger...

    In just the last few days, there was important movement on immigration reform from Republican representatives in North Carolina and Ohio.
    On Monday, Rep. Robert Pittenger (NC-9) made it clear that he supports a pathway to legalization for undocumented immigrants, and recognized the economic value of that pathway. This was the first time he clearly articulated his position on the issue.
    (click here to read entire email)

    Our ALIPAC activists scrambled to see where this claim originated and found an article in the Sacramento Bee from Feb. 10, 2014, in which Pittenger joins Congresswoman and fellow Amnesty supporter Renee Ellmers using "secure the borders first" language. "Secure the Borders first" is a talking point used by GOP amnesty supporters which means pretending to secure the borders then legalizing millions of undocumented immigrants in the US. Of course, once millions of illegals find a way to vote in US politics, "Secure the Borders First" quickly will turn into "Secure the Borders Never"!

    The Sacramento Bee reports Pittenger saying...

    “I recognize that there are 11 million people here,” Pittenger said. “They have to be accounted for. And there is economic value. But I think there ought to be a way to bring these people out to recognize they are here and give them a basis to come out, but it has to be a thoughtful approach.”
    (click to view whole article)

    So we quickly contacted Robert Pittenger's offices and they denied the claim and shared with us a newsletter Robert Pittenger had sent to constituents that talked tough about illegal immigration but omitted the part he told the Sacramento Bee about legalizing illegals. When we pressed them for clarification they got nasty with us saying...

    William Gheen,

    Congressman Pittenger’s position on immigration has been consistent since taking office and was clearly articulated in the public newsletter sent to his constituents on February 9th (also made available online and via Facebook). Having clearly stated his position on numerous occasions, he feels no need to respond directly to each and every activist group which chooses to make false statements, nor does he wish to legitimize inaccurate accusations.

    On behalf of Congressman Pittenger, we forwarded you a copy of the public newsletter last week, which we trust you have read and shared with your readers.


    Jamie Bowers
    Communications Director

    Please contact Robert Pittenger's offices to let them know you do not approve of his plan to change American laws to accommodate millions of illegal aliens with a form of legal status that the courts will likely turn into full voting rights. Tell him to focus on enforcing our existing immigration laws and that you intend to seek his removal from office in the next election cycle!

    Contact Info for Robert Pittenger

    Washington Office
    224 Cannon House Office Building
    Washington, DC 20515

    Charlotte District Office
    2701 Coltsgate Road, Suite 105
    Charlotte, NC 28211
    phone: (704) 362-1060

    Mooresville District Office
    116 Morlake Drive, Suite 101A
    Mooresville, NC 28117
    phone: (704) 696-8188

    Campaign Headquarters
    Pittenger for Congress
    Post Office Box 11207
    Charlotte, NC 28220
    Phone: 704-650-1722





    Robert Pittenger Amnesty Support Documentation

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