As a candidate for election or reelection do you...

A. Support Americans and legal immigrants by supporting the adequate
enforcement of America's existing border and immigration laws as the US
Constitution requires for the protection of American jobs, elections,
taxpayer resources, health, and lives?

B. Support illegal aliens and their supporters by supporting changing
existing laws to accommodate millions of illegal immigrants through
'immigration reform' amnesty which would allow illegal aliens to either
have a path to citizenship, a new visa, or some new form of legal status
which would eventually lead to a new voting bloc of 11-20 million
illegal immigrants, which would in turn destroy any future hopes of
border or immigration law existence or enforcement?

Answer (A or B): A, I have actively stood against illegal immigration and the Feds attempt to increase incentives for illegals to come here.

Completed by: _Steve Toth_
(name) (date)

I am the Candidate or Campaign Manager: __Candidate_____

Campaign Info

Name of Incumbent: Kevin Brady

Name of Your Campaign: Toth For Congress

Mailing Address: Suite 100, 67 Chestnut Meadow Dr, Conroe, TX 77384

State and District: Texas Congressional District 8


Social Media Links:Facebook
Twitter @Toth_4_Texas

Phone Number: 281-770-7287

Political Party: Conservative Republican

Primary challenger, General Election challenger, incumbent?: 19 year, Incumbent Kevin Brady