Biden's Open Border Almost Ensures a Political Shift in Texas, Across U.S.

By Nik RajkovicOct 11, 2023

Democrats for years have threatened to "turn Texas blue," but some argue Joe Biden's open border already ensured the end of Republican rule for a generation.
Gov. Abbott declared an "invasion" a year ago, but even then, critics called it too little too late. Now seven million illegals have entered the U.S.

"Democrats get enough voters to rig the 2024 elections with non-citizen illegal voters. And they get indirect money from China, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, all of the people buying off the Bidens. They get all of that for their role as traitors," says William Gheen with the Americans for Legal Immigration PAC.

But he warns of a bigger plot to "replace" natural-born citizens, pointing to the latest attacks in Israel.

"This happened in Israel shortly after Israel announced they were going to deport all illegal immigrants inside of their country," says Gheen.

A vast majority of those allowed into the U.S. by Biden, are military-aged men.
"These illegal immigrants, mostly young men of fighting age, have supply lines that run all the way back to Mexico, China and India," Gheen added. "They have their own communications grid. They have paramilitary structures. They can continue to operate and live off the land."