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    Dems Press Biden to Use COVID to Grant Temporary Status to Illegal Aliens

    Dems Press Biden to Use COVID to Grant Temporary Status to Illegal Aliens

    By Nik Rajkovic
    KTRH News
    Nov 30, 2020Even if Republicans hold the Senate, Democrats are already working an amnesty plan that would bypass Congress.

    Open borders advocates are quietly pressing Joe Biden to use the COVID pandemic to grant Temporary Protection Status to upwards of 20 million illegal aliens. And it could be done through an executive order.

    “That is exactly how Obama did things with DACA. That's how totalitarian socialists, like these Democrats have become, that's how they operate,” says William Gheen, president of the Americans for Legal Immigration PAC.

    “They would love to deprive the people of American from having a voice in the globalist plan of amnesty.”

    He says the battle already started over this latest stimulus debacle.

    “That's why the Trump administration and Republicans and Democrats have not been able to come together on a stimulus package, because the Democrats are insisting that we pay money to illegal aliens.”

    Gheen fears any amnesty would saddle American taxpayers for generations.

    “Americans who oppose socialism and their descendants, children and grandchildren, will be paying and paying for the rest of our collective miserable lives.”

    Audio of Broadcast at source link
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    No way!

    We do not want their diseases pouring over our border. They are not our responsibilty.

    CDC should be demanding they are all deported. They are infecting us and overwhelming our healthcare system. We are stuck with the bills.

    Now they are lining up in food lines to take our food from us! We have our own to feed.

    Many of them are already compromised due to poor eating habits, medical problems, and stuffing 10-20 people into one dwelling!

    No TPS
    No DACA
    No Asylum
    No Refugees
    No Path to Stay

    We are not the Denny's, Motel 6, Healthcare System, Education System or ATM Machine for the entire world.


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