Google Censors 98.2% Of World's Largest Archive About Illegal Immigration

By B.D. HobbsMar 6, 2024
KTRH Houston

Just when you thought big tech censorship might be getting better, Google is at it again. The on-going Biden-border crisis has become the #1 issue in the country for voters, and big tech is doing it's part to make sure that the truth remains suppressed.

"We recently discovered that Google has delisted us" said William Gheen, spokesperson for the anti-illegal immigration group ALIPAC, "And 98.2% of our half a million pages of information of this topic are not on Google at all."
Over the last 20 years, ALIPAC has built the world's largest archive of information about the illegal invasion of the United States, at, but now that truth and information would be damaging to the Biden administration and the wide open border policy. So what's the best response? Censorship.

"Google is taking active steps to hide information about Americans who have been killed by illegal immigrants, about illegal immigrants and non-citizens voting in U.S. elections illegally" Gheen told KTRH, "they either just take you out all together, or they shadow ban you where your results come in, much lower down the page after a bunch of left-wing hit pieces on you."

He adds that they are currently lobbying Elon Musk, to create a new free speech search engine.