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Thread: GOP Sen. Mike Lee Promises to Pass Green Card Giveaway to Indian Workers by Sept. 27

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    GOP Sen. Mike Lee Promises to Pass Green Card Giveaway to Indian Workers by Sept. 27

    GOP Sen. Mike Lee Promises to Pass Green Card Giveaway to Indian Workers by Sept. 27

    3,081AP Photo/Rick Bowmer, File

    September 20, 2019

    Neil Munro

    Republican Utah Sen. Mike Lee will try again to pass his S.386 bill, which grants green cards to India’s college graduates if they take jobs from American graduates.

    “I believe it’s ready for prime time,” Mike Lee said in a June 19 statement on the Senate floor, adding:

    It is ready to become law … I intend to be back next week making yet another attempt to pass this bill into law. And I hope and expect that we will be able to do so.

    Leon Fresco, a Democrat lawyer working with Lee to pass the bill, also declared the bill will pass the Senate:

    American Workers Coalition @AmWorkCo

    @AmWorkCo says NO to #S386

    Today's block of S386 was just a speed bump.

    Call senators & keep up pressure to #KillBillS386 for good.

    Contact the media - checkout Hilarie's blog
    for contact info - and let's get H1Bs, L1s, H4EADs and OPT in the News!!!!

    STOP S386! Radio Hosts Want to Hear From You! | Billions Lost Book

    Believe it or not, YOU are the most persuasive voice in the Media – on Radio – and – in the United States Congress! Today S386 the Senate Companion bill to HR 3564 which snuck through Congress...


    6:39 PM - Sep 19, 2019
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    34 people are talking about this

    Long-standing reform groups, such as
    Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, also campaigned against the green card bill.

    William Gheen @ALIPAC

    Our narrow win in DC stopping the sneak play on #S386 S386 saved US jobs! …


    11:24 AM - Sep 20, 2019
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    Perdue may decline Lee’s compromise offers, and other senators may step up to defend their voters, donors, and regional economies. For example, Lee’s bill has also triggered concerns among businesses which rely on trade and migration from South America.

    “In Florida, we have a lot of aircraft engineers, workers in the hospitality industry as well as workers involved with importing and exporting and luxury goods,” Tammy Fox-Isicoff, a board member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, told the Miami Herald. She continued:

    Our workforce applicants predominantly come from Latin America and Europe. Miami is an international hub to Latin America. Because of this, employers tend to seek employees from Latin America … This [Lee bill] is a cheap fix, not the right fix … If it goes through, no one in Florida, except Indian nationals, will get residence through employment for the next decade or more. This will kill Florida, basically end all future Hispanic employment immigration to the U.S.

    Also, Lee’s bill is being opposed by specialty groups — including lawyers who work with immigrant athletes, video-game players, or chain-migration family migrants, and also by Chinese immigrants.

    Amy Maldonado @AmyMaldonadoLaw

    Contrary to what .@SenMikeLee claims, S. 386 is NOT a small fix. It has a huge impact on the employment based immigration system, and should NOT be voted upon without a single hearing.
    Amy Maldonado @AmyMaldonadoLaw

    Unanimous consent to proceed on #S386 fails. Bill will not proceed to a vote today.


    1:10 PM - Sep 19, 2019
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    But the bill’s damage to the other population groups is a good thing, said Cyrus Mehta, an immigration lawyer in New York who supports Lee’s bill.

    By putting Indians first in line, and so forcing other groups to wait many years for green cards, it would increase political pressure on Congress to further expand immigration numbers, he argued in a tweet after Perdue blocked the bill:

    Not a perfect bill, but was a rare bipartisan effort to incrementally reforming the EB [employer green card] system, eliminating invidious discrimination [against Indians] and a down payment for further improvement once others besides Indians also experienced some waiting.

    Lee’s bill is a huge giveaway to the U.S. investors who are investing in the huge U.S.-India Outsourcing Economy. That little-recognized economy is aided by the Indian government and is built on 800,000 Indian visa-worker college-graduates. The Indian graduates in the United States take U.S. jobs and also funnel millions of other jobs to at least two million Indians in India.

    The Indian outsourcing economy is valued at almost $80 billion a year, and Lee’s bill would grow that economy by allowing investors to import more Indians graduates. The extra Indian graduates would take more jobs from citizens in computing, design, healthcare, management, and recruitment careers — and then be paid by Sen. Lee’s extra green cards.

    U.S. graduates say Indian managers in the United States force them out of jobs, force down their salaries, and impose Indian-style workplace norms, such as favoritism for Indians from higher-status castes or particular regions of India.

    Strong Standing @StrongStanding3

    .@LouDobbs Thank you for your support. I worked it the tech industry for 30 years, it shifted from an American dominated industry to an Indian dominated industry in America. Discrimination of Americans, by Indians if favor of other Indians is SOP, intel turns blind eye.
    American Workers Coalition @AmWorkCo

    Thank you ⁦@LouDobbs⁩ for exposing #S386#StandWithAmericanWorkers #NoS386


    10:55 AM - Sep 20, 2019
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    But Lee ignored those basic questions when he argued that Americans do not have the right to exclude groups of people because of concerns about their collective identity, for example, as being citizens of India. Lee argued:

    Few ideas are more central to who we are as Americans than the notion that people should be judged and treated by their government based on their own merits, as individuals. As individuals with inherent God-given rights, and not on the basis of the color of their skin, or of the country in which they were born. As our founders wrote, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.”
    Lee sought to shame his critics, saying opposition to the immigration of people because of their national affiliations is “gross, unfair, difficult to justify or defend … [and] the fact is, I have yet to meet anyone in this body or in the House of Representatives who can defend this flawed policy on its merits because it makes no sense.”

    Yet Lee argued that immigration is intended to benefit the nation’s CEOs, investors, and company owners, but not ordinary citizens,” saying “he employment-based visa system is supposed to enable American businesses to bring the best and the brightest to this country.”
    Lee waved away concerns about the impact of cheap imported labor on wages, on the ability of heartland communities to attract investment from coastal investors, on communities’ lost payroll caused by H-1B workers, and about the growing wealth disparity between high-immigration coasts and low-immigration heartland. Lee said:

    We need to recognize that we cannot necessarily solve all of our problems at once … We cannot allow the perfect to be the enemy of the excellent. That’s why I’ve come here to seek unanimous consent to pass this legislation today.

    He promised to push his bill through the Senate next week:

    I’m hopeful, and I’m optimistic that my colleague who raised an objection today can be persuaded that this bill needs to be passed. We can address these concerns and that we can resolve them. I’ll be working with my distinguished friend and colleague from Georgia throughout this weekend, trying to find a solution. Some explanation. Or, if necessary, language that can win his support. We’re very, very close on what we believe is appropriate and acceptable …

    I believe it’s ready for prime time it’s ready to become law. But when seeking unanimity on a measure in order to pass it, one must do everything one can do in order to seek actual unanimity. And that is what I intend to do in the coming days. I intend to be back next week, making yet another attempt to pass this bill into law. And I hope and expect that we will be able to do so.

    Lee’s office declined to answer questions from Breitbart News. However, Lee’s press secretary, Conn Carroll, said that Lee’s bill includes some measure to promote disclosure the hiring H-1B workers.

    Congress has created a series of visa-worker programs so expanding companies do not have to “poach” Americans away from rival employers companies with promises of higher wages. The welfare programs for CEOs and investors now allow roughly 1.4 million foreign college graduates to work in U.S. jobs — including 800,000 H-1B workers — as well as at least 400,000 blue-collar workers

    Tom Marten @marten_tom

    · Sep 20, 2019

    CALL @sendavidperdue at (404)865-0087

    "My name is __ I'm a resident of state of Georgia. Pls BLOCK S.386 as its NOT a merit based immigration bill & will ONLY benefit India & it's outsourcing companies who consumes >90% share of H1B Visa to bring in cheap labor.

    Tom Marten @marten_tom

    This fight is not over! Lobbyist & sold-out Sen.Mike Lee is working hard with Sen.Perdue to convince him & reintroduce for unanimous consent! FIGHT FOR AMERICA! Call your senators and expose this disastrous S386 bill!


    2:31 PM - Sep 20, 2019
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    Immigration Numbers:

    Each year, roughly four million young Americans join the workforce after graduating from high school or a university. This total includes about 800,000 Americans who graduate with skilled degrees in business or health care, engineering or science, software, or statistics.

    But the federal government then imports about 1.1 million legal immigrants and refreshes a resident population of about 1.5 million white-collar visa workers — including approximately one million H-1B workers and spouses — and about 500,000 blue-collar visa workers. The government also prints more than one million work permits for new foreigners, and rarely punishes companies for employing illegal migrants.

    This policy of inflating the labor supply boosts economic growth and stock values for investors. The stimulus happens because the extra labor ensures that employers do not have to compete for American workers by offering higher wages and better working conditions.

    The federal policy of flooding the market with cheap, foreign, white-collar graduates and blue-collar labor shifts wealth from young employees toward older investors. It also widens wealth gaps, reduces high-tech investment, increases state and local tax burdens, reduces marriage rates, and hurts children’s schools and college educations.

    The cheap-labor economic strategy also pushes young Americans away from high-tech careers, and it sidelines millions of marginalized Americans, including many who are now struggling with drug addictions.

    The labor policy also moves business investment and wealth from the Heartland to the coastal cities, explodes rents and housing costs, undermines suburbia, shrivels real estate values in the Midwest, and rewards investors for creating low-tech, labor-intensive workplaces.

    But President Donald Trump’s “Hire American” policy is boosting wages by capping immigration within a growing economy. The Census Bureau said September 10 that men who work full-time and year-round got an average earnings increase of 3.4 percent in 2018, pushing their median salaries up to $55,291. Women gained 3.3 percent in wages, to bring their median wages to $45,097 for full time, year-round work.

    But white-collar wages are growing slower than blue-collar wages, partly because of Indian outsourcing.

    Neil Munro @NeilMunroDC

    The Senate votes today on a stealth bill to reward many more Indian graduates if they take jobs from American grads. But the US grads who populate the estb media are ignoring the economic outsourcing threat to their friends, peers, and kids. Not Breitbart:

    GOP Senate Plans Vote to Outsource College Graduate America | Breitbart

    The Senate will vote Thursday on a bill to encourage Indians to take U.S. college graduate's jobs at low wages from young American graduates.

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    Senator Mike Lee received substantial campaign donations from Big Tech

    Guess which Utah Senator received $112,000 in campaign donations from Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Oracle, and Koch?

    Ready to Train Your Low-Wage Replacements?

    Headlines with a Voice
    Published on Sep 21, 2019
    11 Minutes 41 Seconds

    Mobile Video:
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    The large number of multi-million dollar groups pushing Amnesty and increased green card admissions for India have a plan lined up to pass S. 286 in DC this week before Sept 27!

    Zuckerberg, Soros, and big Silicon Valley companies that love to censor Americans like you have all donated and their armies stand poised to win this major battle against US citizens. Are you ready to train your low wage replacements like the workers at Disney if we fail to mobilize enough of you as sponsors and volunteers? Trump rallies with India's Prime Minister today (View Video)

    Please donate now to help us counter these power groups in DC tomorrow...

    ALIPAC's activists are starting to rally and respond, but we have a long way to go by Monday morning!

    While we greatly appreciate all of you who have donated $10 and $25, for our organization to be an effective national voice and activism platform we must have sponsorships in the $5,000, $2,000, $1,000, $500, and $200+ range from those who can afford to fund our fight to save American jobs, elections, and lives from this threat!

    We will publicize where our funds drive is at some time tonight, so please step forward now with a larger donation at...
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    Also contact the D*&( Repuke party headquarters in DC! What the hell is this country coming to! We don't put Americans to work---But Asians!

    I am fed up with Asian Indians running every convenience store, running every hotel---and now taking our jobs!

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    Well, I went to the Republican Party, GOP website, and I COULDN'T FIND A WAY TO CONTACT THEM ABOUT SENATOR LEE!

    How come we can't talk to the GOP? Why can't we communicate with the GOP Leadership about this?

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