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    Lightbulb Listen to William Gheen on Rense May 22, 2024 talking No to Schumer's Border Amnesty

    Listen to William Gheen on Rense May 22, 2024 talking about opposing Chuck Schumer's rotten border deal on Amnesty for illegals


    • "Democrats made a big mistake bringing an Amnesty bill to the floor for the first time during an election year, and now they have doubled their mistake," William Gheen
    • Call your U.S. Senators to "Oppose Schumer's Border Deal and just say No to Amnesty for illegals!"
    • To garner votes, Biden sells off our gasoline reserves, and at a Rose Garden reception for Cinco de Mayo, calls illegals "model citizens!"

    • See the sortable site that spotlights and rates (high to low risk) bias in company behaviors
    • Much more!
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